Ah yes, remember! "The moment you are impatient . . ."

Impatience — not just a flower.

I don’t often write stuff down to remember later. But this quote I did write down — from where? — a year or two ago. I checked it frequently for awhile, even memorized it briefly. Then it slipped my mind.

Today, cleaning out my desk in preparation for doing my taxes, I came upon it once again, still on its pink slip with the word “Urgent” printed on it, kind of an oxymoron, given what the message says:

“The moment you are impatient,

you recognize the force of time,

that places in your way the obstacles of space,

and starts a new chain of causation.”


Once again, this hot, smoldering, often frustrated “double Sagittarius” Sun sign shudders to recognize what keeps trapping me in 3-D.


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