Food for thought as we "await the last moments before the inevitable"

Here’s a channel that I haven’t published before. “Archangel Michael” (see this) calls Wanderer of the Skies a very pure source, so I will here, at least once. It’s interesting that this view of the Mideast conflict that won’t happen dovetails with the fact that Mars is retrograde, so unable to move forward, during this time. We’ll see! The military/industrial complex sure is trying like hell to get Iran to strike out and thereby “justify” a military response. To me, if the drum beat of war and propaganda does not manage to ignite the next shock and awe devastation, then it’s either a miracle, or the ETs really are afoot, and a-sky. Thanks to

Wanderer of the Skies: The Intensity of the Drama will Increase

January 4, 2012

Greetings from the Federation:

There is much “afoot,” as the saying goes, on your world today. Keep your eye on the ball because those who seem of the Light may not be and those who seem to be serving the Illuminati may, in fact, surprise you. We have extended our protection to those who are in most need of it at this time and have stopped massive efforts from the Illuminati to start a major conflict in the cradle of your civilization. We cannot allow this to happen since plans must go forward towards the inevitable.

In our councils, we have brought those humans we have been in contact with through the various factions of the Federation to discuss their views on how best to approach the various issues presently engaging your Light workers today. They have given us their knowledge and thoughts and we have assimilated those into our overall plan.

Many of your leaders in politics have been mislead into thinking that they still have a “ticket on the boat” when the “end times,” as they have been led to believe, will occur. No-one has informed them that their sanctuaries have been destroyed so they continue to pass legislation destructive to their very families blissfully unaware that the consequences of their actions will be personal. They wrongfully believe they will have a place to go. When they are made aware of the fact that they will suffer along with the masses, their astonishment over the deception perpetrated upon them will rebound to those who created it and you will see the undoing of many of the wrongs started by this very class of people.

The intensity of the drama unfolding on your world will increase exponentially in the coming months. What you thought was an incredible revelation today will be “peanuts” compared to what occurs tomorrow, both in magnitude of event and the intensity of the consequences. Things are unraveling at an unrivaled pace and all according to plan.

We still discuss among ourselves the various technologies that will be released to you upon Disclosure and in what order they should be revealed. While this seems like a small matter to some of you, it is truly important to understand the interconnectedness of the technologies we possess and how they will ultimately affect you. Whether to reveal the technologies that access what you call the “Akashic records” before revealing teleportation devices or in concert with replication machines is no small matter to us. As we have told you many times before, what is planned for you is done so down to the minutest detail and for reasons that, for the most part, will only become apparent after Disclosure.

We say to you, lift up your spirits, be of Light and Joy, for you are all deserving of these feelings. We are forever in awe of your ability to rebound from the darkest places your dimensional reality takes you. It is a feat worthy of your status among us. You are, to us, royalty. We are endeared to you because of your humbleness in this respect. We wish you only Love and Joy as you await these last moments before the inevitable.

Be at peace.


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