For January 1, 2012, a dramatic economic paradigm-shifting announcement?

Update: Steve Beckow has now added a note that David Wilcock tells him that this video is disinfo, seeded by the PTB to confuse us and to discredit efforts that are, in fact, real and ongoing. (And see a note to Beckow’s own post on the subject that he removed.) Rather than remove the video, I leave it up as an example of the kind of wishful thinking that will probably become epidemic as the current bankster system continues down the homestretch of the race between total control and catastrophic failure.

The point is, stay centered and grounded, no matter what. BREATHE. Stay right here, right now, rooted into sweet mother Earth. Move your money to a local credit union. Get to know your neighbors. Grow gardens. Buy local. Start trading systems that don’t need money. Learn old skills. Create islands of resilience in the midst of global turbulence. 2012 promises to be wild.

Thanks to for the reference.

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3 Responses to For January 1, 2012, a dramatic economic paradigm-shifting announcement?

  1. Susan McElroy says:

    When I watched this film yesterday, I found it vague and very bull-shit like. Glad my antennae are working….

  2. Brian says:

    After reading the update, I might consider many of these other proposals to be on the same line as the one above. In other words, there might be a lot more controlled opposition throwing out test balloons doing a soft introduction of the material (a sort-of predictive programming) so that people are familiar w/the ideas that they plan to execute into a hard solution. I’m not sure the angle that is being used here, but I suspect it’s along these lines. it’s like a another president political campaign, but for “solutions.” Like I said in the above comment, there are some very intelligent critiques in the comments section, which i was very surprised by. The tactics being used are getting out there. Stay strong and I love the solutions offered in the update. Community and family are key!

  3. Brian says:

    ann, you don’t have to publish this comment, but i noticed that the first comment i typed hasn’t yet been approved…and i was hoping colin would see it and tell me what he thinks of this, irrespective of wilcock’s statement.

    thanks 🙂

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