Let us consciously power up Jupiter in Taurus during the downtime (the dreamtime)

Thanks to nextworld.tv.

As we absorb the energy of expansive Jupiter in earthy Taurus during this latent winter season of the dreamtime, here’s what’s next: Start a Garden, says Vandana Shiva.

And I’d add, even better, use this downtime to talk with your neighbors about gardens. Plan, this year, to start a community garden. Or, you grow some things, they grow others! Or, share tools, expertise, the weeding, pruning — and the harvest! Plant seeds together. Nurture them, water them. Count our blessings. We are all connected. Our gardens are all connected. The butterflies, bees, birds — and children, when allowed — all flit and buzz and fly and run from one to the other without caring who “owns” what.

Notice especially, in this video, the burgeoning power of seeds. There is no better metaphor for the extravagent fertility of Jupiter in Taurus.

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