Wild gorillas groom man whose heart, understandably, was "racing!"

The behavior of the silverback in this video is really interesting. By positioning himself behind, he seems to have sanctioned the babies and mama’s curiosity, while guarding over the whole interaction. I wonder just what kind of conversation the gorillas had before they decided to visit the camp. It reminds me of a day when I was driving from my yurt in Kelly to Jackson, Wyoming, when I saw a flock of ravens on the road ahead, all walking around, talking. Just before I got there they flew off. Watching in the rear view mirror, I saw that they immediately flew back down to the road to continue their conversation. Maybe they were talking about moving their nests to an even more hidden spot? I never did see a raven nest in the 20 years I lived in that beautiful, still wild, mountain valley.

Thanks to huffpost.com.

Gorillas Pet Tourist In Uganda (VIDEO)

Gorillas Pet Tourist

December 22, 2011

An American tourist on a gorilla-watching tour in Uganda came a little closer to the gorillas than he expected.

The man, identified only as John, was pet and groomed by a group of wild mountain gorillas–including a mama and her babies–near Bwindi National Park.

In the video below, John sits cowering next to the gorillas and laughs as his “heart was racing.”

Park rangers say interactions such as these are very rare, USA Today reports.

The video doesn’t get good until the 2:50 mark, so fast forward to see the petting and laughter.

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