Winter Solstice photos: sunrise and ceremony around the globe

Happy Solstice! 29 great photos. Thanks to sister Katherine who pointed me to them. I am reminded of the televised sunrise ceremonies, hour by hour, that greeted the dawn of the year 2000, when Y2K didn’t detonate after all, and we were, quite astonishingly, for some of us, delivered intact into the third millennium A.D. Now it is eleven years later, we’re battered and bruised and about to enter the fabled “2012,” with similar doom and gloom prophecies. Let’s just fuggetaboutit, okay? That’s so over, so retro! Boring!

Uranus at 0° Aries, Jupiter at 0° Taurus, both grace this Winter Solstice — with generous Jupiter to “turn direct” on Christmas Day. This gift to humanity. This startled, electrified, stunned by beauty, brand new beginning on planet Earth.

We are beautiful, we are one, we are an onrushing evolutionary swirl into a vast infusion of brilliant love light.

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