Speaking of new gizmos. . . how about the "occucopter"

Well, well. Not just the military/industrial corporate complex and police have shiny new gizmos. So there! High five it!

Or maybe not. Much prefer we’d return to trusting each other, holding hands, rather than “observing” each other, especially with hi-tech gunk that robs the planet of non-renewable resources, requires slave labor to produce and space for storage, keeps us pre-occupied with instructions on how to “do it” and do it better than the next guy rather than occupying our very own bodies, minds and spirits — and, most laughable of all, encourages us to think that we can control the slippery-sliding slope of multidimensional reality as it dreams us, moment-by-beautiful-moment, into being.

Thanks to truthdig.com and the guardian.uk.

Activists Fight Back with “Occucopter” Drone

Adjustments would make the “occucopter” controllable from almost anywhere

OWS activist Tim Pool brought the technology to the movement. He’s modified the recording software to make it livestream ready and is busy making further adjustments that would enable multiple long distance operators to take control of the device in the event authorities shut down any number of them.The worldwide uprisings of 2011 have seen ordinary people use surveillance and communication technology to protect themselves against oppressive governments. Now, New York City’s Occupiers are taking such tactics to the skies with the “occucopter,” a lightweight, camera-mounted helicopter that can be controlled with an iPhone.

See a recording of one of Pool’s test flights here. —ARK

Noel Sharkey and Sarah Knuckey, Comment is free, The Guardian:

Now the protesters are fighting back with their own surveillance drone. Tim Pool, an Occupy Wall Street protester, has acquired a Parrot AR drone he amusingly calls the “occucopter”. It is a lightweight four-rotor helicopter that you can buy cheaply on Amazon and control with your iPhone. It has an onboard camera so that you can view everything on your phone that it points at. Pool has modified the software to stream live video to the internet so that we can watch the action as it unfolds. You can see video clips of his first experiments here. He told us that the reason he is doing this “comes back to giving ordinary people the same tools that these multimillion-dollar news corporations have. It provides a clever loophole around certain restrictions such as when the police block press from taking shots of an incident.”

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