Winter Solstice Benediction

The Winter Solstice occurs shortly after midnight EST, its pregnant pause ushering in the return of the light. As it does so, the Sun, at 00°00 Capricorn, exactly trines/harmonizes with (generous, big-minded) Jupiter, exactly squares/is in friction with (revolutionary, electric) Uranus, and forms close (harmonious) sextiles to both (justice-seeking) Saturn, and a conjunction of (wounded healer) Chiron and (spiritual, visionary) Neptune.

May our own Sun’s light return over the next three months.

May our light generously enlarge to include Jupiter’s more expansive understanding.

May we electrify the world with our transformed minds, and excite revolutionary new initiatives for life on earth.

May we surrender to justice and healing and the human spirit’s call for all as one.

Interestingly enough, in this solstice chart warlike planet Mars sits off by itself, making no aspects to other planets. I see him as a two-year-old, sucking his thumb in frustration.

Disconnected, exiled from the evolutionary thrust of creation, Mars finds no support for going to war.

For more on the astrology of the Winter Solstice, see Barbara Hand Clow.

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1 Response to Winter Solstice Benediction

  1. claudia kimball says:

    How about this. An analytical mars with a piscean sensibility. It is hermitted and hidden while the whole seeks where it does not know how to go. I surely must be projecting my wishes.
    I love your solstice message and the chart. This was the first year in a long time Eugenie
    and I were too sleepy to stay up to set eggs on end and feel the magic of the moment the
    yolk settles at the bottom.

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