Archangel Michael on Obama's state of mind when signing the NDAA bill

This is an interesting and, to my mind, plausible take on what might be happening inside Obama’s brain re: the NDAA. Steve Beckow, even in these dire circumstances, continues to be among the fewer and fewer former Obama supporters who continue support him. Beckow thinks Obama’s intentions have always been for the light, while slogging as best he can through the enormous political pressures of the Office of the President.

Beckow has been relying on channelled messages from “Archangel Michael” through the channel Linda Dillon for some months now. And the information brought through is always interesting. Note here that AAM thinks Obama’s decision to sign the bill “a grave mistake.” And though it done “with good intention, he’s smarter than that.”

And, note especially AAM’s view of the NDAA in the context of ET/UFO disclosure, which he claims, is just around the next corner.

Maybe signing that ghastly bill is the final straw for the galactics. As in: “That’s it! We’re goin’ in!”

BTW: I still haven’t seen where Obama has actually signed the bill. Has he?


Archangel Michael on the Defence Authorization Bill

December 21, 2011
Posted by Steve Beckow

One of the subjects I discussed with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon today was President Obama’s signing off on the bill that allowed for detention without charge or trial of American citizens. Here are Archangel Michael’s comments.

I caution readers to remember that we won’t agree with all things that anyone does but that some wrong moves are not, for me at least, a good reason to abandon friends. I don’t agree with the President’s action. I don’t think overly much will result from it except heightened public discontent, which I regard as a good thing. The galactics will not permit more to develop. Though some readers leave this site because of my support of the President. I remain his friend.

Steve: President Obama signed a bill into law that allows for the indefinite detention of Americans without trial. Would you comment on that please?

Archangel Michael: It is very, very distressing. And he is being pressured, we would say, into this by the powers that be, the paramilitary and the military, which are all the same really, that believe that there are subversives or people who wish to create harm living in the United States.

It is the wrong move. And there have been many on this side who have tried to stay his hand because it jeopardizes the freedom of many. He does so in good faith believing that the security of the populace is at risk. But that is really not the underlying intention of the paramilitary. It simply wants to have expanded freedom in which to work against or detain those who do not adhere to their belief system or their power structure.

Now it is a grave mistake on his part and, yes, it is done with good intention but he is smarter than that. And he is not listening and this is causing a bit of a discussion on this side, as well.

This will not go into effect. It will be stopped before it ever happens. And there is a part of Obama that knows this, that these forces will push so far and so hard that the populace will rebel, that the people will say enough. This is another example, just like the financial institutions, where there is an unconscionable abuse of power.

Now from our side this is certainly not about illegal aliens or terrorists or anyone of that nature. Our concern is that it can be used by those who do not wish to welcome your star brothers and sisters, to hold them in place. And we have said that they have need to come without any fear. We have meant it. And that is one of the reasons why we are anticipating that this will also happen any day, quite literally.

S: So you’re referring to Disclosure here.

AAM: Yes. Disclosure needs to happen before this bill really goes into effect.

S: May I quote you?

AAM: Even lightworkers, even holders of the brightest light, at times do not practice discernment and make errors so you may quote me.

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