Vertical farming

While permaculturists and Transition towns are still mostly practicing horizontal farming, a traditional concept that works well where there’s lots of land and not many people, what about cities? Here’s one video, showing what visionary architects are beginning to imagine. Just in time?

However . . . creating all these tall structures will take lots more nonrenewable resources. Will we recycle old buildings to build them? Will we use our ingenuity to creatively retrofit wherever possible instead? And to gear down, way way down, on personal energy use? Or will we just cross our fingers, count on technotopia, and meanwhile, continue to dredge and gouge and drain and mutilate Earth until she has no more to give.

Thanks to And see lots of other youtube videos on vertical farming as well.


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  1. Khaled Majouji says:

    Theres a better solution than those overpriced buildings…my company has developed a new concept called the ExoFarm, which requires a fraction of the cost of Mr Despommiers’ design, to both build and operate. The farm is being built this year, if you’d like to be kept up to date on the progress of this project, send me an email at Press releases and press conferences are scheduled for later this year, and this is all being done in Montreal, Canada.

    Khaled Majouji,
    President, In.Genius Group

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