David Wilcock: Part II of developing story of history of hidden gold . . .

Update 12/21/11: The radio show with David Wilcock the evening he was threatened with death has now been transcribed. See this.

If you haven’t been following this unfolding story, do. Search Wilcock or Ben Fulford on this site, or go to stevebeckow.com or Wilcock’s divinecosmos.com. At the very least, it’s one of the most astonishing, imaginative plot lines you will ever encounter. And, what if it’s “true”? (P.S., I put the word “true” in quotes because of my own recent epistemological forays. See this.)

Wilcock spends a good bit of time discussing the 1% in a way that will help the 99% open our hearts to their plight. I appreciate that. His feeling for them as members of humanity’s 100% reminds me of Charles Eisenstein’s. See this.

Here you go!


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