So, how do we get there from here? Where's here? Where's there? Everywhere, and here's how!

Ken Kesey and the bus, 1964?

I’ve not had a chance to absorb this rapid new evolutionary differentiaation (outgrowth?) of the Occupy movement, but a first glance it looks and feels





Not just the transportation idea, but what the whole new networked web of currents is for.

I thank the powers that be, whoever they are, and I don’t think they’re over us or above or beneath us; I think they lie within us, a vast self-organizing soul field that keeps on sinuously whipping our asses into posses, our hearts into bands of brothers and sisters, our rage into gangs of outlaws —and all of it, all of it, held carefully and tenderly in silent, prayerful witness by attendant elders and children.


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