Flash Mob Lovin’

So what else could use a flash mob? Where? When? What needs to be Occupied for a few startled, thrilling moments?

And check out the red hats.

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2 Responses to Flash Mob Lovin’

  1. I’d have to change my pants!

    • I betcha any of us would have to change our pants. So unexpected and delightful would it be . . .

      Reminds me of one grey, drizzley day last winter when, as I crossed a street with my little dog Emma on our daily walk I noticed about six IU students standing at the bus stop, all of them looking glum, solitary, and downcast. Suddenly I called out, “Hey, it’s a beautiful day!” and Emma started dancing around them with her usual joy. On every face, joy broke out like the sun coming through the clouds. Truly a wonderful moment. So we can flash alone as well as in a mob. (I wonder if any of them had to change their pants . . .)

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