Sanders talks to Olbermann on his new amendment drive to overturn Citizens United

Aha, now I understand why, despite fascist language authorizing indefinite citizen detention by the military, SB 1867, the Annual Defense Appropriations Bill, passed with a near unanimous 93-7 vote in the Democrat (53-47) controlled Senate.


“Make no mistake. Citizens United ruling has radically changed the nature of our democracy. History will record that the Citizens United decision is among the worst decision that were made in the history of our democracy.”

“What goes on in the real world of the US Senate, and why this decision is so terribly dangerous, is that a member walks up to the desk to cast a vote, and if this vote is dealing with wall street, if its dealing with drug companies, if it’s dealing with the military industrial complex, that senator has got to say, if I vote against the big money interests, will I go home next week and find millions of dollars in ads coming from these very same entities against me? What CU has done is struck fear in the hearts of every elected official that if they stand up and fight for the working class, for the middle class, for justice, they’re going to get punished in an unlimited way.”


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