To THRIVE, we must first understand how we’ve been manipulated for thousands of years

Here’s a meaty review of “Thrive,” the film, with suggestions for further investigation. Also see this and this. I especially like his view of Occupy as tearing the curtain back to reveal the Wizard of Oz. Thanks to

Thrive Joins The Movement, Going Beyond New World Order

November 26, 2011

by Steve McMichael (?)

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martin-lutherMartin Luther

Like Martin Luther posting his Ninety-five Theses in 1517 to begin the Reformation Movement, notable figures are posting their own theses to begin the reformation of our society from the oppression of the few corrupt monied elite that have taken over all of the major social apparatus of our country and in fact globally to create what we have all heard of as The New World Order.

The latest entry is a profound compilation of material put together by Foster and Kimberly Gamble. They have produced a documentary accounting the activities of the monied elite called Thrive!. They have managed to lift the vital information out of the “conspiracy” realm and into a factual presentation complete with verifiable facts, heart wrenching reality and inspirational actions that can be taken to reform our world into an experience of a world we have not had in over 5,000 years of civilization.

As is made evident by the close similarities of these two events, not much has changed since 1517 and there is a reason why. As Michael Rupert of, author of Crossing The Rubicon and Collapse, is fond of saying;

“Until you change the way money works, you change nothing.”

I believe this to be basically true. Even more than that, it is my belief that until we fundamentally change how we view the world and our place in it, we will change nothing. Review the work of Amit Gaswami, where we see the development of Quantum Physics melding with religion and philosophy to create a paradigm where consciousness is the ground of all being.

I have reviewed all of the work on the site Outside of one aspect of the future world that they describe, which closely resembles the world Mr. Benjamin Fulford, whom I have done a thorough exposé on in The Epic Battle For Humanity describes, and I have found the facts to be precisely as I have come to know them to be. Although challenging to almost everything we in the US have come to believe, these facts must be heard and digested. can be seen as a giant electronic “Vision Board” that many use to bring about change in their own lives, except this one is for humanity and the Earth itself. The primary focus of the documentary is focused on us here in the US because here and England are the primary seats of these perpetrators. You know them as the Federal Reserve Board, IMF, ECB and The World Bank. The private corporations that control all of our money without any oversight from anyone. The totality of this consortium controls energy, finance, healthcare and agriculture along with the majority of our government.

tarusThe Tarus

There is actually much more to the story than what has been reported in the documentary. They chose to stick with only that which could be verified. Once you have watched this film, I invite you to find out more by reviewing the category on this site, Ecology Of Everything, entitled The Epic Battle For Humanity. There I have documented the work of Benjamin Fulford who is the former Asian Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine and is currently writing best selling books in Japan and has been working with an ancient Asian family known as The Dragon Family or The White Dragon Society (who have just filed a One Trillion dollar lawsuit over vast amounts of gold that was, allegedly, stolen by the international banksters). Having reviewed these two bodies of work it is my aspiration that my fellow Americans will wake to the reality that we no longer, if ever, lived in the country we thought we did. Realize that some of our core values have been based on lies and manipulation to create a subservient money making machine and that machine has broken down. And for the first time we don’t get to just peak behind the curtain, but tear the curtain back and relate directly to the Wizard Of Oz which, in my opinion, is what Occupy Wall Street is all about.

What I personally have taken away from following this story is, as my great teachers Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and his father Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Jesus have taught, that if one will transform “What about me?” toward What benefits all beings, this ceases to be a frightening time and becomes a most exciting time to be alive. The very fundamental core of misery can be transformed at this time, if we will only have the courage to join heaven and earth and face the demons of our own creation.

You can view the film below for free, but I encourage you to make whatever financial contribution you can to Thrive as it must have taken great resources to put this together. More than what I had for sure!


thrive movieThrive – the movie

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