Parents set out to disprove reincarnation — and fail

From Fox News to youtube — and the world. Young James, in this life, recalls his life as another James, in World War II. “Reincarnation,” he tells us, after showing his parents in this life much about his life in that one, “is not a lie.” Why is this important? Because reincarnation, as a doctrine, or even as a possibility, has been banned from Christianity ever since AD 553, when Justinian, a Roman Emperor, manipulated the 5th Ecumenical Council to rule out this teaching of Origen. (See, for example, this account.)

So, if you are a Christian, and you watch this video, what happens to your mind? Does it open? Or does it shut in denial. I have a feeling that as we head into 2012 we will encounter more and more opportunities to open the shutters of the mind to include possibilities that we had not imagined, even in our wildest dreams.

And as we open, we breathe in the love of the universe. Love spills through. Love lights up the dead places within the soul, vibrates all and everything into the conscious living harmony of the cosmos.

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