Gregg Braden: “What was a miracle becomes a technology”

Braden shows here a film that demonstrates, via a sonogram, that three people who are deliberately and consciously creating a feeling that healing of a tumor has already occurred itself creates the healing.

As one who experienced the “miracle” of spontaneous healing when I was 26 years old, and in the hospital, the film that Braden shows in this video does not seem strange. Back then, I had just been told by the doctor that, after a week of massive intravenous doses of every possible antibiotic, he didn’t know what else he could do to cure the general abdominal peritonitis still raging inside my belly. I asked him, “Am I going to die?” My sudden, direct question embarrassed him. He shrugged and left the room.

At this point, for the first time in my young, scared, culturally conditioned life I was startled by a deep inner voice, booming, loud: “LIVE OR DIE. IT’S YOUR CHOICE.”

Within 24 hours, my body was healed. That was no miracle. That was the response of my body to the soul’s decision.

Just as with the parents who set out to disprove reincarnation and failed, this kind of experience, one which suddenly and inexplicably bridges the dimensions between matter and spirit, if we allow ourselves to remain astonished, opens us to mystery and transforms our lives.

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