A short, telling, poignant excerpt from occupywallst.org report of Occupy Boston eviction raid

Occupy Boston

Here’s an excerpt from a long, detailed, and inspiring story about Occupy Boston and the raid upon it, done with the usual military precision and pre-dawn cowardice. I draw your attention to one sentence, which I have put in bold letters. One by one, the militaristic police conditioning falters, breaks open. See this. Notice it is a woman who, apparently, cannot help but feel with the protestors, and how it is her male superiors who quickly haul her back into lock-step formation.

(Somehow, I am reminded of the play I saw yesterday, Lysistrata, actually not the Greek classic, but a contemporary version of it. Still the same plot, women deciding to withhold sex until the men stop their incessant, wasteful, murderous wars. Hilarious satire. All the male actors had giant, bulbous balloon dicks attached to their trousers, and their commander, costumed as a contemporary military officer, had a long skinny balloon that was pinched in the middle, so that the top half was limp.)

Thanks to occupywallst.org.

The excerpt:

“The police did eventually come. They waited days, hoping people would stop paying attention. Like previous raids in other cities, they made their move like cowards in the pre-dawn shadows at 5AM this morning. The city used bulldozers to destroy what had been home to hundreds. At least 45 peaceful protesters were arrested while linking arms to nonviolently protect their homes and their right to free speech. When one female police officer began to cry, her male superiors yelled and berated her.

“Adding to suspicions that the Boston police and city officials sought to hide their actions from the public, police reportedly enforced a media blackout. Many officers were seen covering their badge numbers. According to Occupy Boston, “Credentialed press, citizen journalists, academic researchers, and Occupy Boston media members were repeatedly corralled and moved to surrounding areas 50 feet away or more, prohibiting many from thoroughly covering the raid.” Livestreamers, medics, and legal observers were also among those targeted and arrested.”

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