FYI: Time for (a) change (and watch change video!)

Change, change, change. Time for a break from the internet. Today only? Tomorrow too? Not sure.

Today on my list, decidedly domestic activities:

1. Make a “Persian pudding” (with saffron) for tonight’s monthly dinner group. Plus Persian cookies, if time available.

2. See Lysistrata, the play. Put on by IU students, 2 p.m. (Always wanted to see an actual production of this Aristophanes comedy, especially since the early ’80s, when I was a (violent) peace activist fighting to get the men to stop fighting. Google it, if you don’t know the plot.)

3. Continue the gradual descent into my pre-birthday (December 19th is birthday) cave of remembrance. Especially focusing, today and tomorrow, on how my “solar return” chart for this past year was enacted and what my “solar return” chart for this coming year looks like. Plus upcoming “transits” and “progressions,” etc. (I usually focus on astrology in hindsight only; once a year, just before my birthday, I use that hindsight to slingshot me into the future.)

4. Continue to absorb the meaning of today’s lunar eclipse at 18° Gemini/Sagittarius, which is within 3° of my 21° Sagittarius Ascendant.

5. Love everyone and everything, including the strange (and not uncommon) two-hour toxic wakefulness in the middle of last night. Feel grateful for every breath.

Here’s the sweet little video about change.

Thanks to Zen Gardner of

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  1. Brandon David says:


    I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that one more reader, myself, is out there reading your pages every day without fail, and that I appreciate so much what you do here. It is my newspaper in a lot of ways. And seeing this video about “Change” really hit me with a flood of emotions, and tears of joy. Thank you for the burst of heart space, it fills me up.


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