All day, in every way, grateful!

I have spent this entire day in gratitude, like a cascading waterfall, every tree and plant below, all the clouds above, each glance of a human being, or my puppy’s gaze, sends me into a sort of subtle, muted ecstasy.

But oh, where's puppy Shadow? Look closely, he's standing in the very middle. . .


And tonight, gratitude, for the continued onrushing creativity of Occupy, like a cascading waterfall — from posing as a human red carpet at a Chamber of Commerce banquet D.C., to mic checking the Air Quality Commission Meeting in Salt Lake City; from receiving an eviction notice for tonight in Boston to putting destroyed OWS library destroyed online for universal access; from holding a two-month anniversary Occupy Bloomington “Celebration of Peace Protest” band and dance party tomorrow evening, to all the foreclosure occupations everywhere, on and on. There is no possible way I can keep up with the flood of gratitude as the occupied territories continue to fill all the interstices of our personal, political, and cultural, and ultimately, spiritual life.

Look closely, those are people down there. No longer know which OWS protest, in what city, might have been Moscow or Beijing! Or if not yet, soon.


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3 Responses to All day, in every way, grateful!

  1. Mike V. says:

    We picked a good time to incarnate here, now didn’t we?
    Mike V.

  2. Ann…Good Morning,
    Such an amazing time to be on earth , in our bodies, experiencing all that is taking place. It is exhilerating indeed. Keep on enjoying Ann and hold on tight. I think we are headed into the ride of our lives very soon….See ya at the finish line:) VK

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