What’s (just) ahead: Love, or fear? Destiny, or fate?

Are we lions or are we sheeple? Are we ready to shape our destiny or are we merely going to accept our fate? The choice is stark: love or fear. The time is short. Center ourselves in the blooming abundance of the Now, radiate love to everyone, everywhere.

Below, an example of the fear perspective. I rarely present it so starkly. Keep it in context. Notice the fear that comes up when you watch/listen to it. Where do you feel the fear? In what organ? Solar plexus? Heart? Breathe into the fear. Keep breathing . . . watch it dissipate. Let go into Love. Over and over and over again. There is only love. Love fills and fuels the universe.

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  1. Vibrating love and above … keep on sending the love vibe out.

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