Uranus square Pluto: a planetary configuration “that really kicks ass.” “We are awakening from our American Dream.”

Robert Gover predicted the stock plunge and financial crisis of 2008 in his book Time and Money: the Economy and the planets. He also predicted the USA would find itself in the worst depression of its history during the 2000-teens.

Robert Gover, in his blog, “Economic and Planetary Cycles” has this to say about now. (And see this, and many other posts on this site that refer to the current Uranus/Pluto square.)

Thanks to friend and fellow astrologer, Peter, for the pointer.

November 25, 2011


The American Dream

About the American dream, comedian George Carlin said, “You have to be
asleep to believe it.”

What began as the Occupy Wall Street movement was the awakening of
masses of people to an obvious, dream-shattering fact:

The government will never get out of debt to the banks until the
government takes back its duty to create our money and lend it to the
banks. As long as the central bank, the Federal Reserve, creates,
controls and lends money, the government—and we the people—will be
debtors, with the heavy foot of the bankers on our necks.

To get that heavy foot off our necks, we will have to awaken from
another dream: As surely as God is up in the sky, the Bank is where the
money is. Just as you have to go to the priest to get holy water, you
have to go to the bank to get money.

This Bank Dream is over five hundred years old. Back in medieval
times, the folks we now call bankers were called moneychangers. What
did moneychangers do? They locked your gold and other precious metals
in their vaults and gave you a paper receipt you could use as money.
This they did so no one else could rob you of these trinkets of wealth.

No one else, that is, except the moneychangers, for alter all,
possession is nine-tenths of the law, as is famously said by lawyers
representing those in possession of the trinkets of wealth—which have
evolved from gold and precious metals into paper bills and numbers in
cyberspace. Back in medieval times, moneychangers discovered they could
lend paper money for many more times the amount of gold they had in
their vaults. This grew into our present fractional reserve banking
system, whereby when one bank lends $1M, that amount ripples through
the system into something like $9M, all loaned out at ever-compounding

But as Aristotle pointed out a couple of millennia ago, money’s
function is to facilitate commerce as a means of exchange. When some
decide to make money sort of fornicate and reproduce itself (lending at
interest) an unnatural act occurs that distorts money and destroys its
real function. In ancient times when cattle were used as money, money
could copulate and reproduce. But try getting two nickels to have sex.

Some astrologers say that Pluto signifies plutocrats and thus also
oligarchs and all those to whom the rest of us owe money, and by whom
the rest of us are controlled. What is the real object of governance?
Is it to create a sane and sensible society so that all can prosper and
be free of debt and degradation? Or is the real purpose of
government—as compared to the stated purpose—to facilitate the
plundering of debtors by creditors?

Pluto, that mysterious little body way out on the edge of our solar
system that has been downgraded by astronomers to a so-called “dwarf
planet,” is as mysterious as some of our concepts of God. As comedian
George Carlin points out, the God most of us are raised to worship and
petition in prayers, this God tells us—according to the Bible—that if
we don’t obey his Commandments, he’ll dispatch us to the fiery tortures
of Hell. That’s because God loves us! Each and everyone one of us.
Why, if God loves us, would he consign us to Hell for disobeying rules
and regulations that benefit the few at the expense of the many?
Indeed, this God works in mysterious ways.

Our modern money system is as counter-intuitive and illogical as the
American Dream, which demands that we borrow from bankers to “own” a
home that they, the bankers, hold title to. And if we can’t make the
monthly payments on our ownership delusion, they will foreclose, kick
us out of our home, and sell the home to someone else who can make
payments—payments which, after 30 years, mean they will have paid the
price of the home three, four, maybe six times over. The icing on the
banker cake is, the bankers did not lend us the cash to buy the
home—they loaned us the credit, which they conjured from thin air. We
repay them for their shamanism with cash and look down our noses at the
superstitions of primitive people.

Today, the bankers will foreclose even if they lost the title to a home
by reselling the debt on the so-called “securities” market when they
“bundled” batches of loans into debt-obligation bonds so “investors”
can share in the interest paid on all those home loans. Did they forget
that you cannot legally sell a car or a house without a transfer of the
paper title that says who owns the thing? Or did they assume their
good buddies the judges would overlook the lack of titles when they
kicked people out of their foreclosed homes?

Chances are they did not know that the lingering Uranus-Pluto square
we’re all under during this decade is famous for burning down systems
that no long work and raising phoenix-like out of the ashes of the old,
new systems that do work. Work for the benefit of all, not just for
the few.

For the slumbering American dreamer, the system that puts the 1% in
control of the 99% is what God intended, just as God intended to send
you to eternal torture in some CIA black ops station in the outback of
Somalia if you break the rules.

Well, there have been zillions of concepts of God over the centuries,
probably as many concepts as there have been human minds doing the
conceiving. Of course we generalize these, saying there is the Santa
Claus God, the Wrathful God, the Loving God, etc., yet each and every
individual’s notion of any of these Gods is his or her very own. Each
and every one of us is unique.

There have been comparatively few minds watching celestial activities
and noting that certain cyclical angles made by certain planets
coincide with the cyclical breakdown of social systems that no longer
work as advertised. And the cycle that really kicks ass is the
Uranus-Pluto pair forming a 90-degree square from Aries to Capricorn.

Thus it is no wonder that there is now a worldwide movement afoot that
promises big trouble for the few who have used the medieval, debt-based
money system to dominate us. We are awakening from our American Dream.

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