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As an astrologer, I’m acutely aware that the guts of this country’s astrological birth chart for July 4, 1776 is decidedly Cancerian. Not just Sun in Cancer, but four out of ten planets in Cancer, the sign of home, family, and community. How we nourish ourselves, where we shelter our young during their early tender years and our elders during their sacred process of leaving the body. Home, family, and community: where can breathe a sigh of relief, break bread together, lay our head down in peace. Where we incubate our dreams.


It’s been a long time since we, as a people, have felt truly nourished by our homes, families or communities.

• HOMES. Now, we’ve (in the 1%) got way too many houses, each of them too big, or our one house is too big, or (in the 99%) its falling apart, or it’s “underwater,” or been foreclosed on, or we’re barely making the mortgage, or the rent, or sleeping in a car, or tent, or “shelter,” or motel room, or in a doorway, or under a bridge.

• FAMILIES. Now, both parents work (if, and that’s a big if, jobs are there), and often more hours than ever before at tasks that not only do not have meaning or purpose, but are often directly antithetical to our values and passion. Or, if we can’t find work, we’re worried or pissed, medicating ourselves with pills and liquor and infotainment, scrounging for survival, so pre-occupied that we hardly notice our children, or our eldering parents. Nor do the young, or the old, notice us much. At least not in a way that nourishes everyone. For too long now, we’ve been leading separate lives, ensconced in steel traps on asphalt, eyes straight ahead, not even waving hello. Rather, we’ve been trying (and failing) to get ahead, beat the other guy, get there first in long parallel lines of traffic that are stopped, or inching along, or dangerously, suicidally fast and loose.

• COMMUNITIES. What communities? Instead of the close familiarity of small town life, we’re trapped in cell blocks in anonymous cities, or we’ve migrated further and further out into the suburbs, which, often, have no town center, or even a park, nothing that identifies them as a real, unique, living places. Just soulless strips of identical houses on straight or curved street grids. The further from the center the bigger the homes and lots, the more lonely, disconnected their inhabitants. We don’t even remember what it felt like to be connected to friends and extended family all our lives. That was just so long ago. We don’t remember sitting on front porches, coming to visit, hanging out over the fence, helping each other shovel walks, our children flowing as a pack through one yard then another, and another. Children don’t play outside anymore, not in the suburbs. They’re in their rooms, watching screens.

So, into this entirely unsatisfactory way of being within our homes, families and communities, enter Pluto god of destruction and regeneration and Uranus, god of sudden, explosive, shattering changes. Pluto in structural, traditional Capricorn, Uranus in pioneering, independent Aries, square, 90° apart. Pluto is the 1% riding its (false) power, Aries is the 99%, pissed.

During these years this revolutionary square between transiting Pluto and transiting Uranus (2011-2015) is directly triggering the four “home” planets in Cancer of the U.S.A. chart. Their function? To transform the essential tragic fact that over the past three decades, homes, families and communities have all been robbed of their principal function, which is to nourish us.

As the Uranus/Pluto destruction of this tragically dysfunctional home/family/community (ersatz) “life” proceeds, like a slow, stately series of explosions, we are already beginning to see tendrils of home, family and community coming back together again, reconfigured, transformed. As people move in with friends, or invite friends to move in with them. As kids have to move back in with Mom and Dad again after college. As parents can’t afford to send grandparents to the nursing home. As people begin to crave real food, and to create local gardens, add porches, live in closer proximity, even, over time, to transform suburbs into ecovillages with real town centers. Ah yes! To be out of cars and walking, on bicycles, living and working in place!

As the Uranus/Pluto square churns along in its destructive/transformative and excruciatingly slow passage through the early degrees of Capricorn and Aries, it directly opposes and squares both the U.S. Jupiter and Venus now; soon it will do the same for (to) Sun and then Mercury. Pluto the god of death and rebirth, sucks out what remains of the life force in order to germinate its re-emergence; bolstered by the lightning strikes of Uranus, through a series of explosive concussions, Pluto completely alters the way we live. The dysfunctional structures that strangled our capacity to nourish ourselves and each other in our homes, families and communities during past thirty years are ripping apart, as expected, as they should. As they must.

That Occupy now aims at foreclosure, and at the systemic, structural malfeasance in which it is embedded, I can only shout hallelujah.

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Occupy Wall Street goes home

On December 6th Occupy Wall Street will join in solidarity with a Brooklyn community to re-occupy a foreclosed home. The day of action marks a national kick-off for a new frontier for the occupy movement: the liberation of vacant bank-owned homes for those in need. The banks got bailed out, but our families are getting kicked out. The fight to reclaim democracy from the banks is growing from Wall Street to Main Street.

The NYC foreclosure tour and home re-occupation is part of a big national day of action on Dec. 6 that will focus on the foreclosure crisis and protest fraudulent lending practices, corrupt securitization, and illegal evictions by banks. The Occupy movement actions, including eviction defense at foreclosed properties, takeovers of vacant properties by homeless families, and foreclosure action disruptions, will take place in more than 25 cities across the country.

Millions of Americans have lost their homes in the Wall Street recession and one in four homeowners are currently underwater on their mortgages. The 99% is bearing the brunt of a crisis caused by Wall Street and big banks.

That’s why, all across the country, Americans have begun standing up to the banks that are trying to evict them. It’s already happened in Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and cities and towns across the country. Now, it’s happening in Brooklyn.

Soon, it will be happening everywhere.

Facebook Event Page

Wall Street and the big banks are making record profits while most Americans are struggling to stay in their homes. They break the law with impunity, but millions of us get served with eviction. They make trillions and get bailouts, while we face record unemployment and record debt.

No more! Our system has been serving Wall Street, big banks, and the one percent. We are the 99%. We are reclaiming our democracy.
And we are reclaiming our homes.

NYC Event Details

Meet @ 1pm for Foreclosure Tour. March starts at Pennsylvania and Livonia. Ends at undisclosed location of home re-occupation. Block party and house warming to follow. Bring gifts and food!

(3 train to Pennsylvania Ave or L train to Livonia Ave.)

At 1pm, we are gathering at Pennsylvania and Livonia in East New York, Brooklyn (3 train to Pennsylvania or L train to Livonia) to march through a neighborhood on the front lines of the economic crisis. Along the way, we will take stock of foreclosed properties for the growing Occupy REAL Estate Listing Service, so families can reclaim stolen homes in their neighborhood — and connect with allies in their communities to defend the human right to a home.

The march will end at a house warming and block party for the family and their neighbors. Bring housewarming gifts and food to share!

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