More news and views of Occupy Bloomington’s action at Indiana University

Below, I repost The Nation’s version of Wednesday evening’s Occupy Bloomington action at the IU Kelley School of Business to protest J.P. Morgan’s recruitment drive there. (Note: The Nation’s headline is misleading, until you realize the author is talking about protests continuing on campuses nationwide.)

If you google “IU detective shoves students at Occupy” (or something like that) you’ll get a 40 second youtube video showing him shoving students (I post here next), plus other stories about the event. The local paper, the Bloomington Herald-Tribune, had three stories about it on today’s front page: the biggest, “IU warns Occupiers against further disruptions.” And let’s face it: if IU ain’t happy, nobody’s happy in this city of near 100,000, the beating heart of which is Indiana University, with 40,000 students and who knows how many faculty and staff. It will be interesting to see how the city responds to IU’s warning.

The final paragraph in that story notes that criminal charges against those arrested have now been dropped. Prosecuting Attorney Chris Gaal: “Because this situation did not pose a significant threat to public safety, it does not warrant the expenditure of scare resources that would result from a criminal prosecution.” Good!

Campus Violence Continues at Indiana University

November 30, 2011

by Chrystie Yandoli

Five students were arrested late Tuesday night in the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University; three of them were pushed around by an unnecessarily aggressive police officer. Twenty economics students in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street sat cross-legged with locked arms in front of the doors of a JP Morgan Chase recruiting event inside their campus’s business school.

The event originally started with a large group of students sitting down in front of the doorway while simultaneously allowing passers-by to enter and exit the room. When police became increasingly aggressive, some students stood up and moved back from the area. There was an initial warning from an Indiana University police officer—those who were not willing to get arrested rose from their spots blocking the door and the five remaining activists were removed and arrested.

Two youtube videos taken by nearby observers show the details of the non-violent protest transpiring. Onevideo lasts for 10 minutes and clearly shows the events that unfolded after students were arrested. At about the five minute mark a collective of students bring attention to the fact that officers succeeded in accomplishing their own initial goal and yell, “Thank you for blocking the door for us.”

In a shorter, forty-second video a detective from Indiana University’s police department wearing a gray suit is shown aggressively pushing and shoving two male students and one female student down a hallway in an attempt to prevent them from reaching the front doors of the recruiting event.

Campus violence has been a hot-button issue since the recent assaults against students peacefully demonstrating at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and CUNY Baruch. Albeit with far less brutality and violence, Indiana University has now joined the ranks of these colleges after a campus detective assaulted three students; they had not done anything illegal yet they were still subject to unnecessary brutality.

The activists’ intention behind this act of civil disobedience was to send a message to JP Morgan that they are not welcome on IU’s campus. In an exclusive email to one of Occupy College’s organizers, protestors claimed they were not trying to prevent their peers from attending the recruiting event but were its sale of toxic mortgage-backed securities and other fraudulent banking practices.

“We are oppressed by a system that is corrupt both in that individuals and corporations with power abuse their power and actively maintain their strength at the expense of others,” said Peter Oren, one of the students arrested on Wednesday night. “JP Morgan Chase has played a significant–though not solitary–role in this globally perverted economic structure, and thus action against this company is action against oppression.”

“JPMorgan Chase was among the major financial institutions that caused the 2008 financial collapse with its criminally greedy, fraudulent lending practices,” said Nick Greven, another Indiana University student arrested in Wednesday night’s protest. “It has not ceased in their fraudulent practices and has contributed enormously to the corruption of our democracy, has caused misery on a massive, debilitating scale within this country, and has a list of other crimes to its name that is too lengthy to enumerate.”

In a written statement Greven went on to explain, “JP Morgan Chase is a perfect example of the perversion of democracy and capitalism that is the state-corporate complex, and I do not believe that an entity this immoral should be allowed access to impressionable students.”

Arrested students will appear in court today at 1:30 in the afternoon.

The above information was provided to one of the main organizers at Occupy Colleges immediately after the protests, and arrests occurred at Indiana University. Get in touch with Occupy Colleges about your own campus’s protests—provide updates, tips, or seek assistance and help if necessary. Send emails to info@OccupyColleges.Org, call (323) 642-8102, and follow @OccupyColleges on Twitter.

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  1. (Rich’s Thoughts and Emotions) Occupy Wall Street – New York (OWS-NY) has survived the season and given many of us hope that we might find ways to listen to each other in the spirit of non-violence. I bow my head in appreciation to the Movement that it has kept the call for violence at bay.

    The energy of the season is rushing in upon us. The moment seems all too brief, perhaps not more than a 72-hour window when Western hearts everywhere open themselves to the symbols of peace and love, where a willingness to listen and absorb the energy you send me, seems at least as strong or stronger as the apparent need for my energy to be heard is sent out to you.

    These are moments of cosmic unity. May they transform our hearts and heal our divisions.

    Pass the Love.. rich buckley ( )

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