Here’s a suburban forum for sharing ufo experiences

I love this story because the author, in line with his title, doesn’t laugh at the subject! And it reminds me of the late ’60s, when we women who felt Betty Friedan’s memorable line, “the problem that has no name” were first getting together in “consciousness-raising groups” to share and compare experiences in our roles as women in this society. New York City women started first. A year or so later, they came to Boston and showed us how. We now recognize those early “c-r groups” as the first stirrings of the second wave of the global feminist movement.

Those in the UFO/ET world are constantly talking about how and when “Disclosure” will happen, looking to “elected officials” to make it official! Perhaps, instead, more and more local groups will form so that people can share their extraordinary out-of-this-world experiences which, until they tell at least one other person who can actually hear what they are saying, makes them feel crazy.

Once we place all our huge, seemingly unsolvable global problems in an extraterrestrial, intra- and multidimensional, cosmic context, once we see and feel ourselves as living in the pulsing center of a mysterious infinite living universe of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere, then our way of viewing and working with the whole of it will shift irrevocably.

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Beyond the laughter curtain, this Main Line group provides forum for sharing UFO experiences

November 29, 2011

by Pete Bannan

As a young woman growing up on a farm outside Lansdale, Jennifer Stein awoke early one morning to witness something that she could not explain. From her bedroom window she spotted a large rectangular object with brilliant white lights about one mile from her home. It was about 1,500 feet in air and about 45 degrees off the horizon. In the darkness she stared at it for a few minutes as it sat silently in the distance.

“At first I thought it was a plane,” Stein said as she recalled the event. “But it did not change. After several minutes it jumped to within 500 feet of our home nearly at eye level above a large oak tree. Close up she could see it was 80-90 feet long and rectangular in shape as it hovered 10 feet above an oak tree in a meadow.”

“I buried it for about 25 years because I thought I was alone at the time,” Stein said as she waited for the monthly meeting of the Main Line Mutual UFO Network to begin. Stein, a Radnor resident, is the director of the group, which has between 300-400 members. 50-60 people regularly attend the group’s monthly meetings at the Tredyffrin Library.


According to Stein, Main Line MUFON is just one chapter of a worldwide group. The Mutual UFO Network was begun 32 years ago by scientific-minded researchers, a group of men who came out of the military and wanted to share their information in a non-fear-based environment.

As the director of Main Line MUFON, Stein candidly talks about a subject that not everyone embraces. “I encourage skepticism,” she said as she described the “laughter curtain” people experience when discussing UFOs. “Most people laugh because they don’t know anything about it. When you look at the data seriously it speaks for itself. For skeptics I suggest looking at the 1952 Robinson panel and Robinson report. Look at the protocol of secrecy that was codified by the U.S. government. Look, If I was the head of the U.S. government I’d probably not be honest about this either.”

The group offers privacy and confidentially for people who would like to explore the topic. “People will come up to me with a story to tell,” she said. “I encourage them to put a report in to MUFON even if it’s 25-30 years ago. It helps us triangulate other witnesses. I don’t encourage people to confront others (people they see at a meeting) if they meet at a grocery store or another event… because… they might not want to come forward.”

Looking back on her own experience she said, “We never talked about it at the time,” but 25 years later a friend who had staying in the house mentioned it. He had never talked about it with her before. “I took about three steps back and took a deep breath and said ‘Wow!’”

Once she realized that someone else had seen the object she began to inform herself. “I am curious. my experience tells me beyond a shadow of a doubt what I saw. I wasn’t alone someone else saw it. It wasn’t a hallucination. It really did happen. I’ve been studying, reading and learning ever since.”

According to Main Line MUFON’s Web site, “The Mutual UFO Network provides opportunities for those seriously interested in the topic to train for volunteer positions with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) as Certified Field Investigators.”

Stein said that MUFON has a training manual for anyone interested in becoming a field investigator. “It teaches the specifics about aircraft identification and weather-pattern identification so you can be clear about what someone is seeing,” Stein said.

“You want to turn a UFO sighting into an IFO sighting, an identifiable object in the sky. You want to figure out what it is. Only after a lot of investigation, a lot of reporting and a lot of bright minds looking at it does it get defined as a truly unidentified object.”

Stein created the Main Line chapter of MUFON after the first anniversary of 9/11. “I saw what was happening in this country and I felt like I needed to do something in a non-fear-based situation at my local library to bring people together to start to think about the bigger picture. Look outside the box. There are more things to consider, ancient archaeology, ancient history, UFOs, health… the world is a big picture. Often what we see on network TV is very limited, very focused and very filtered. I began to realize there were things I could do to change that.”

At the group’s monthly meeting, guest speakers talk about specific UFO incidents. In November the speaker was Peter Robbins, co-author of “Left at East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up and Investigation.” According to the MUFON Web site, “This event is one of the most well-documented UFO events involving the British military, British civilian and military police, and the American military and American military police on the site of the Bentwaters-Woodbridge military site in Woodbridge, England, in the winter of 1980. Numerous collaborating documents have been released through the Freedom of Information Act and the British MOD (Ministry of Defence) since this time. The details of this event lead most to conclude there is an ET presence that is monitoring our military activity.”

On Dec. 31 the group will hold an afternoon seminar at Tredyffrin with Richard Dolan and his family of Rochester, N.Y.


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