Here’s why I don’t spread ketchup on my butterball turkey . . .

Following the news that ketchup is now considered a “vegetable” and butterball turkeys are all the rage, frugaldad puts out another infographic, this one on agri”food” (here’s the first one) that makes so much sense it’s nauseating. Deliberately so, I suspect! Gag.

(And see this PETA investigation of the sadistic horrors perpetrated at a butterball plant in 2006. Has anything changed since?)

Thanks to all here in Bloomington Indiana who spread the word about local food and grow it besides. See Thanks to our local permaculture teachers Keith and Peter and Rhonda and the expanding local permaculture guild. Thanks to our own GANG garden. Thanks to the fabulous farmers’ markets here, in Indianapolis, in tiny Paoli, in even tinier Spencer! Thanks to my daughter-in-law Sue who is setting up a garden at my grandkids’ school in Acton, Massachusetts and has chickens in their backyard. Thanks to my son Colin who has invented a Garden Tower that will grow 50 plants using worm compost for folks in urban areas who can’t get to land, or are too old or differently abled to bend down. Thanks to all local food efforts everywhere. The consolidation of agri”food” just spurs us on.


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