A compilation of some ET/UFO sightings 2011 and why I include them

There are lots of people who don’t understand why I include ET/UFO phenomena on this exopermaculture site. Well, all I can say is, as the bumpersticker on my fridge puts it, “We are Everywhere.”

Nobody is an alien, no matter how strange or what the planet (or other presumably other-dimensional or interdimensional locus) of origin. And if permaculture is the design of living systems for “earth care, people care, fair share,” then why limit our perspective to earth-based systems? What we call “natural laws,” may, when pursued further, turn out to be habits, current properties of the possibly permeable (to cosmic forces) and continuously transformable (from cosmic forces) space/time field that surrounds 3-D Earth.

Once I began to pop my mind open to the possibility of an infinite series of larger and larger (and smaller and smaller) dimensions, it felt as if the Love that fuels and fills the universe started to funnel through me like a tornado. This website is the result.

Just as with humans here on Earth, what we call “aliens” can also be distinguished between 1% service-to-self, and the 99% service-to-others. (I have no idea if those percentages are correct; however I do have a decided gut feeling that there are way more “good” guys than “bad” guys out-there/in-here, that human dynamics on earth parallel those elsewhere, with most beings service-to-others, and a few not.

Yet in our society, if we ever do hear about “aliens,” it’s the minority service-to-self kind that end up as film fodder, scaring the begeezus out of their audiences. That’s as intended. The PTB — our 1% — want to keep us thinking that if “aliens” exist, they are all, 100%, uniformly evil. Fear is the main weapon that keeps us imprisoned in our own little world-view of just this one, lonely, three-dimensional, material living Earth spinning through a vast, unpopulated, dead zone of utter meaninglessness.

As an astrologer, I used to make week-long work trips to Salt Lake City several times a year from my yurt home in Jackson, Wyoming, where I would “read” four or five charts for people each day. Most of my clients were wonderful people, very sincere recovering Mormons. Almost invariably, at some point during my week, I would be treated to a story about satanic ritual and abuse. They would say that as children, they witnessed sacrifices, sometimes of little children, or that they themselves were sexually molested as children with others watching in some kind of ritual.

Keep in mind this was prior to the pedophile scandal in the Catholic church.

Back then, I just couldn’t wrap my head around this kind of story. It was just too far out of my comfort zone. So I’d set it aside.

Then I happened to pick up a book, Trance Formation of America, by a mind control victim who had suffered through trauma based conditioning as a child, and “woke up” through deprogramming. The book blew me away. I couldn’t put it down. But even then, it just seemed so distant from the world I lived in that, once again, I set it aside.

Meanwhile, I had started to attend UFO congresses, and meet with people who claimed to have been abducted by “aliens,” (little greys, foot soldiers of the 1% service-to-self aliens) or by U.S. military, or both, or one disguised as the other. So many stories, coming all at once. My defense systems started to fail.

At one of these congresses I met the courageous and open-hearted Fred Burks, and began to visit his website, www.wanttoknow.info, its incredible archives on mind control, UFOs, secret government, black ops, etc.

And, due to my experiences at UFO congresses, and to hearing about Harvard psychiatrist John Mack, his books about interviews with those who claimed to have encountered and been nourished by, otherdimensional beings, I began to realize that there are lots of different kinds of “aliens,” that not all of them are “evil,” that in fact, most of them are not service-to-self.

I recently read an astrological chart via skype for a woman whom I’ve known for a long time, and who shall remain nameless. She told me that she was afraid of the dark, especially of the forest at night, that she though she wants to, she hasn’t been able to go out there at night. Then her face loomed large as she let it slip: “What I’m afraid of is aliens.”

Then she told me that her family has a long history with the military.

Given what I’ve discovered about mind control programs and the alien presence, it was especially that remark that made my ears prick up. Aha, so she had been one of the children (usually they were (are?) of military families) subject to some kind of control or abuse as a child, which she of course, was controlled not to remember, but which her fear of aliens in the dark woods, is triggering. It’s time for recall, and release of whatever programming that keeps her in fear.

I doubt she would have told me this, had she not, months ago during a visit here, seen a book on my coffee table about alien encounters.

I’m glad she got a chance to air her secret, the one that is still taboo in our society, still guaranteed to cause others to think one’s crazy, deluded, demented, etc. Perhaps, as she clears this terrible miasm from her physical/emotional/mental/spiritual system, she will be able to open to the wonders of the myriads of galactic and intergalactic presences that cheer us on as we take down the wall of fear that has, for hundreds, even thousands of years, prevented our joyous reunion with our cosmic family.

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  1. I just couldn’t resist with my doctored photo. It reflects, however, what I too personally know to be true. http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff24/BayProductions/FirstContactProject3.jpg

  2. Dr. Steven M. Greer, who is the International Director for CSETI’s http://www.cseti.org/ and Disclosure Project has a heavy spiritual component of “forgiveness” through a formalized amnesty bill for whistle-blowers and wrong doers, in X-Constitutional secret projects, all of which makes sense to me.

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