More Eisenstein: Living in the Gift (video)

Haven’t watched this yet. But I will. Eisenstein (see this and this) is one of the most articulate proponents of a radically alternative economy, the gift economy: we step out of our own egos and into the flow, generously gifting to each other all that we are in an endlessly abundant living conscious cosmos.

Yes, I know. Letting go of (fiat, i.e., fake) “money” — and its braying hounds of scarcity, separation, and greed — sounds wild. Impossible! And yet, sooner or later, we will come to our senses, recognize our oneness, and enjoy continuous free circulation of goods and services as both obvious and necessary.

Observe nature. Does the squirrel pay money for the nut? Does the bee pay for pollen? Does the soil pay for water? Gifting is natural, like breathing.

Thanks to Keith.

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  1. Just as soon as we get our Next Generation Star Trek Food Repicator, will my ego learn to let go. Reality keeps scaring me back to a sub-Gift social level of existence to wait for the next brain storm.
    Tea, hot, El Gray

  2. Yeah. Me, too. I snap in and out all day long. Fascinating, to watch the process, how the wily ego, terrified of its own survival, keeps seducing me back into its tiny, filthy cage.

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