Wrestling with Naomi Wolf and commentator: “Yes. Yes. Yes.” and “No. No. No.”

Woke up at 2 AM (not unusual), checked email on my iphone (a bad habit), and noticed this comment in my inbox, referring to the Naomi Wolf post I had put up just before going to bed:

No, no, no. Wolf’s perspective and her conclusion that we’re in the beginning stages of a new civil war are wrong. Her voice is but one of millions that have something to say about what’s happening in our country. Ann, read her words again. Wolf WANTS a new civil war. She’s almost cheer-leading for it. Is that what you want, Ann? Is civil war inevitable or do we have other choices? Please tell me that you’re not beating the drums for bloody conflict. Yes, our government is corrupt. Hell, every government in the world is corrupt. But are you not awakened? Your website seems to imply that you are. We are all eternal sovereign souls who have lived many lives and the path to the light might be long and difficult, but in the end, light is what survives. Darkness cannot prevail. Our world will see the light and we’ll see it without more war.

As you can imagine, the comment bothered me a great deal. I couldn’t help but agree with him. And yet, I also agree with Wolf. They’re both true. We are in the beginning stages of a civil war, and yet we are not. We are, if we continue in the same direction, with the 1% in control of the police and military; we are not, if we continue to erode the edges that divide us from police, military, and, ultimately, the 1%.

But then I thought, so what? Of course, I don’t want to flame the flames of war, of any war, even one that might just exist in Wolf’s, or my imagination. So just take Wolf’s post down. Remove it.

But wait! Take it down altogether? Really? Of course I also want to tell it like I see it, and I do see her perspective as something I too, unconsciously, was reaching for, just in order to make sense of what seems to be the deliberately instigated, coordinated and sustained violence.

So, when I came across her article, something just clicked. In fact, that part of me would go further than Wolf did, to wit:

I had been talking with my son Colin the day before, told him about a strange thing that I read a few days ago and unfortunately can no longer remember where. Someone was talking about a violent police action, and mentioned that the line of police, which had suddenly and viciously pounced on unsuspecting protestors with no provocation, had, a few minutes later, just as suddenly, as if from an unseen signal, stopped, and backed off. I was stunned. Huh? How could that happen?

That they could stop like that, on a dime, from the adrenalized melee of pounding on the protestors made me wonder if this line of police was receiving some sort of telepathic signal, if they were mind-controlled.

Since I couldn’t find the article again, I didn’t say anything about it here.

The subject of mind-control is one I’ve barely touched on in these posts, though I have referred readers a number of times to Fred Burks wanttoknow.info site, especially the extraordinary section on mind control there. And I’m not just talking about the kind of mind control that conditions people to shop until they drop on Black Friday.

In any case, I think it important to connect dots, and I also think it crucial that we enlarge our perspective enough to dissolve those lines of connection before they materialize further. So I’m grateful to both Wolf and to this person who commented; it made me more than usually aware of how important it is that I pay close attention to “what I’m putting out there.” What I should have done is say just this, in my introductory comments to the piece, because “Yes. Yes. Yes.” for me did not mean that I want this civil war, and I doubt Wolf does either. “Yes. Yes. Yes.” meant that unless we continue to erode the edge between the police and the protestors, unless we continue to beam love to everyone and everything, unless we continue to hold our centers while acting in the best interests of the whole to the greatest extent possible, then we might slide into just what Wolf is talking about without realizing, until too late, that we have done so.

Ultimately, love is all there is. Meanwhile, the brilliant sun in the spacious endless sky gets regularly obscured by clouds.

It’s now 2:46 A.M. Hoping to go back to sleep.

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  1. Mike V. says:

    Thank you, Ann.
    My life has been enriched because you’re here.
    I bow in deep respect to you.
    Mike V.

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