“Occupation,” then and now

It’s not incidental that the Occupy movement has transformed the meaning of “occupation” from racist military genocidal take-over by military minions of the 1% to a recognition that we and the military are all part of the 99%, and that when we occupy ourselves, we transform the world.

This youtube video from January 2010 has propelled 2549 comments, so far. I remember watching it back then, and marveling, and wondering when the whole world would wake up to this young veteran’s incisive analysis of War as cynical, systematic, racial carnage by the global military/industrial/corporatist empire.

Now, two years later, we live in an interconnected global commons that sings full throated with determination, joy, freedom, consciousness, love. As the “occupation” empire crumbles, so this beautiful lotus flower that is Occupy springs from the muck and opens — gorgeous, vulnerable, and emanating the light of a conscious, living universe.

Such a privilege to be alive now, at this moment!

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  1. thank you, very powerful, moving and true!!!!!!
    i agree 99%-
    be blessed fr your work= service–
    this information helps us to become betternd > conscious
    the new world code is WIN WIN WIN
    annaluce- ITALY+ USA BLESSED****

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