Moore, Klein and others on what now for Occupy

When I get into my horizontal, egalitarian mode, I wonder what these “celebrities” are doing sounding off on a movement that strips celebrity of (false) authority. And yet, especially where Michael Moore and Naomi Klein are concerned, their work seeded itself in my soul as part of the great soup of discontent and passion that fuels all of us. I’ll never forget Michael Moore declaring Wall Street a crime scene and wrapping it with police tape at the end of his movie, Capitalism, A Love Story. And Klein’s book on shock doctrine capitalism shocked me wide open. I knew capitalism was soulless; but I had no idea just how predatory and pernicious it was. And, it turns out, in that book she didn’t even go far enough.

Then, I was going to just snip excerpts out of the one hour’s worth of excerpts Democracy Now had already snipped out of a recent two-hour panel discussion put on by The Nation re: next steps for Occupy that featured Michael Moore, Naomi Klein, and others. Instead, here’s the link.

So far, I’ve only watched a few minutes of it. One phrase still occupies my mind, from Rinku Sen, that the job of Occupy is to “shift the public will. ” That all it has to do is to keep on shifting the public will. I like that. It gives language to the gut feeling we all have that this movement originates below the mind, that it arises in the gut, where the will impulses us into action. That’s why we call it a movement, rather than, say, a campaign.

If your will moves you to watch the whole two hours, here it is on youtube.


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