From to Occupy Bloomington: Many events upcoming. Occupy life!

I couldn't pass up posting this gorgeous photo from U.C. Davis General Assembly yesterday . . . Oh my, how those police actions spur us on!

So . . . check out today. Lots of new listings: Occupy Thanksgiving, Occupy November 25-26 (Black Friday and Saturday, Buy Nothing Days), Occupy “Home” (foreclosures) December 6, Occupy Christmas . . .

And now I read that our own Occupy Bloomington, after lots of weird, subtly bad press from the local paper, is going to spread its wings to occupy another location. Not sure whether it’s instead of the original location or an additional location, but the edge between this country’s pariahs, the “homeless” people who live in People’s Park, and the occupation eight-week Occupy camp there seems to still be generating a lot of difficulties. No surprise, given that two very different cultures co-inhabit that tiny park. And yet, people who live without homes have learned how; we need to share with them and learn from them. For as Barbara Ehrenreich reminds us (and see this) if we don’t change the way things are heading, we’re all going to end up homeless.

I’ll be joining the call for Black Friday March — Occupy Public Space for Bloomington, November 25, noon to 3 p.m.

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