Zen Gardner: “Occupy is morphing, and in very exciting ways . . .”

Zen takes on the nay-sayers and armchair critics of Occupy, those who haven’t yet fully occupied their own beautiful hearts. Those who still suffer from heartburn, their tushies sunk into cushy couches, getting (TV) programmed, acid refluxing indigestible packaged “food” while wondering all the while what those scruffy weirdos (not just “hippies”! all ages! what?) are doing camping out on the streets in winter, mixing with the pariahs of our time (the homeless), trying to keep their bodies warm while their spirits soar like eagles.

Has Truth Occupied Wall Street?

November 21, 2011

by Zen Gardner

An amazing thing is happening on the world stage. While the Occupy Revolution continues to be minimized, marginalized and seemingly bastardized by the mass media and even some of the alternative media, it keeps rolling on in spite of all the efforts to ignore, deter or derail it.

And I think I know why.

This now multifaceted phenomenon appears to be morphing…and in very exciting ways. Occupy just-about-anything has taken on a life of its own and energized vast multitudes of fed-up people worldwide. Citizens everywhere are realizing their officials and leaders are sold out stooges of the military corporate complex and that they’re not going to get any changes by “normal” means.

So they’re mobilizing–physically, mentally and spiritually. And it’s wonderful–in spite of all the damn co-opters, distortionists, jealous non-participants and the like.

Screw ’em.

And the fundamental cry at this point is simple – DO something! Make your presence known and try to effect change in whatever sphere you can, cuz clearly the establishment isn’t going to do anything except continue to make things worse.

Getting Past the “Guy Fawkes Vendetta” Image

Like you, I’m not sure who, how or what started this thing. On the heels of the Mideast uprisings and as the Bankster scam escalated unabated, a group of activists calling themselves Anonymous wearing those Guy Fawkes masks appeared on the scene. Good for shock value perhaps, but hardly a roll model that should be used for a non-violent movement that’s looking for Truth.

But good on them for taking action.

Unfortunately, Guy Fawkes was the patsy blamed by England’s elite for allegedly trying to blow up the UK Parliament, a kind of false flag of its day, and he has been getting burned in effigy for almost 500 years since this questionable event.

Not exactly a symbol to rally around.

Furthermore and more importantly, Hollywood glamorized this false flag character along with all the violent imagery they could conjure in the Illuminati-made movie “V For Vendetta” that’s designed to stir up people’s reptilian instincts and incite violent rebellion.

Not a lot to get behind there as far as the vast majority of us are concerned. Happily this image is falling by the wayside and not even referred to in most serious dialogues about the Occupy phenomenon.

Is Occupy Morphing?

It sure appears that way. The vast majority involved in all of these Occupy efforts are peace-loving, non-violent sincere Truth seekers. Look at all the different issues that are being discussed and brought to light!

The media of course disses it and calls it “lack of direction”. Hey, if you’re on a careening bus approaching a cliff I think just plain screaming at the sleeping driver might be in order. However, if the media would dare to investigate the depth of dialogue taking place at these events it would certainly see another story.

Not Without Its Naysayers…”Truthers” Included

It appears that even amongst Truth activists there are a lot of pooh-poohers and naysayers regarding the Occupy Movement. My question to them is: Show me something better? Let’s see it, and let’s see it motivate millions world wide to take to the streets.

Of course Occupy isn’t any kind of be-all end-all solution or the ultimate expression of people’s frustration with the best possible effects. But it’s happening! And it’s happening whether anyone likes it or not! It’s a form of expression that is bursting out all over the world and it’s for real! Ride with it, make the best of it!

Of Course They Would..

Of course there are those who would love to steer it according to their manipulative ends. Of course the bankster owned United Police States of America will try to buy it off, oppose and eventually to crush it. Of course the media will try to misrepresent it. Of course they’ll send agent provocateurs to try to stir up trouble. And of course they will no doubt get much heavier handed in their desperation.

What do you expect?

Why do people pick it apart instead of embrace the spirit of it? What are they waiting for – the perfectly articulated agenda and the whole country mobilized behind it? Tell me what agenda that would be that everyone would get behind? There are a lot of great ones but we’re all different! The beauty is we’re all expressions from one singular source – an amazing, creative, loving, alive Universe!

And It’s turning up the heat!

But why the reluctance to see the good in this worldwide expression? Are the seas too rough? Do fishermen only go out on still waters with perfect weather predictions? They use wisdom and discretion but dang, there’re waves out there and they’re messy!

I’m not for violence, and there are a lot of ways to Occupy, not just the streets. But some of these webchair generals who sit back and criticize it without looking at the amazing dynamic that’s going on and the good in it, I just don’t get it.

Beware Deductions from Predictive Programming!

All our lives we’ve been sold and indoctrinated with this negative package of BS – that demonstrations always go wrong, they’re always ugly, they always get violent, they always need police to barricade them and smash their heads.

It’s a programmed assumption.

It doesn’t always happen that way!! That’s what the Controllers are telling you via their lapdog media stooges and Hollywood wizards. A vast majority of demonstrations – as in “we’re demonstrating out here because all other avenues have been cut off or are pointless” – are peaceful, and have profound effects on leaders’ decisions.

It scares the shit out of them.

You think that shooting that happened in Oakland had anything to do with the demonstrators? It was just an excuse to clear out the encampment and everyone knew it. But that shouldn’t and didn’t kill the energy one bit.

They’re now sending bums, derelicts and crazy people to infiltrate OWS and then the media is sent to film them as “the filthy scum” on our streets pretending to “Occupy”.

Scam city, I know.

They Are Not United

Also remember, they are not the united front they pretend to be. While they’ve stocked the police force, TSA and DHS with thugs and low-life criminal types, there are a lot in the police force and other places of authority who do not agree with the way this is being handled and the direction of this response.

Meanwhile the hypno-zombied masses play out the programmed version of “demonstrations” in their subconscious which is easily triggered with one snap-shot of an isolated event, real or made up, and the knee jerk reaction to agree with the need to forcibly subdue these vagrants is reinforced.

My point here is, we all battle with this disempowering false paradigm that we’ve been programmed with. Just remember, “It ain’t necessarily so.” They are terrified by our taking action of any sort outside their appointed and allowed channels. Why? They ultimately know if everyone stopped cooperating the whole system would crash, and they’d not just be out of a job, but quite likely subject to some severe retribution for their self-serving, despotic rule.

Police Programming By the Defense Department

In case you’re wondering how they can carry out these horrific attacks on American citizens, a mind control program has been at work inside law enforcement for years following the post 9/11 Homeland “Security” scam.


You have to hand it to Pentagon securocrats and their corporate cronies, they never miss an opportunity to demonize, vilify or otherwise slander domestic political dissent as “terrorism.”

The American Civil Liberties Union reported June 10 that “Anti-terrorism training materials currently being used by the Department of Defense (DoD) teach its personnel that free expression in the form of public protests should be regarded as ‘low level terrorism’.”

According to the civil liberties’ watchdog: “Among the multiple-choice questions included in its Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness training course, the DoD asks the following: ‘Which of the following is an example of low-level terrorist activity?’ To answer correctly, the examinee must select ‘protests’.” Source

The Truth “Tai Chi’s” Any Deviance In Occupy’s Movement

The Spirit of Truth is pretty smart. Rather than look for some perfect environment to manifest in, Truth manifests everywhere, and especially when it’s sought out for and invited.

If you’ve studied the spiritual aspects of martial arts there is a lot to be learned. It’s revealingly said ofTai Chi, “Tai Chi is full of hidden meanings and treasures to be discovered. The paradox though is that you will rarely, if ever, uncover a truth about Tai Chi with your mind alone.”

That’s also why the mental left brain agendized factions of Occupy like the communists and right and left wing false paradigms will eventually fall by the way side. Those who don’t move into and utilize the next realm of Spirit and the heart are going to miss the boat.

One of my favorite principles applied by Tai Chi is the use and channeling of an opposing force, rather than trying to stop it.

T’ai chi ch’uan is the study of appropriate change in response to outside forces, the study of yielding and “sticking” to an incoming attack rather than attempting to meet it with opposing force. Source

Amplify the Energy by Contributing More Truth.

The vibrational change we’re all undergoing is using anything and everything to make itself manifest.

Look for the good in the Occupy Movement, look for the dynamics involved and use it to motivate yourself and others into greater participation in any way you can. The streets are just one manifestation. Our continued wake up and withdrawal from participation in their scam called the world is the answer, giving our time to participation in this change rather than efforts to keep the system alive or staying transfixed to their version of reality. It’s a lie.

Freeman of The Freeman Perspective has a wonderful movement called “The Friendship Agenda“. He’s uprooted, jumped into a school bus with his team of 21st Century Merry Pranksters, and is touring the country spreading love, communication, get-togethers, conventions, and engendering local community dialogue. They further empower these communities through teaching them how to sustain themselves by growing their own organic food! Fabulous!

The internet is ablaze with people waking up to new realities, up to the minute real true news reports, alerts, exposes and insights, and even earth changes and solar system events the MSM is either ignoring or downplaying.

The Spirit of Truth is alive and well! Look for ways it’s manifesting and chip in, it’s thrilling and empowering!

Communication And Unity Is What They Fear

Communication between us engenders courage, faith, trust and unity. These in turn engender more knowledge and understanding. When people re-assess and realize they’re being manipulated every-which-way-from-Sunday they will change their lives!

Like David Icke recently said in this terrific interview, “It’s the spirit of we’re not having it any more!” There are a lot of so-called factions out there, as in real life, but as Luke Rudkowski points out in the same interview, the communication between those getting involved is immense and unifying the movement, and as David Icke again says; “The Barriers Are Falling!”

United in Spirit!

We not only have the ability to unite, sincere humanity already is, in Spirit. We are empathetic human beings with an innate hunger to live in peace, harmony and unity. That is one hugely profound advantage!

The Controllers, however, cannot unite. They have no empathy, only a competitive insatiable lust for power and control. They only unite under threats from THEIR superiors, which is why they exercise that paradigm upon us. It’s the fearful one they live under and they know no other way! That cannot possibly hold up in a conscious Universe. It may flail about and try, but it cannot succeed.

That’s Empowering!

It’s really pretty straightforward when you get down to it, isn’t it. Now on to using and contributing to this energy however each of us can!

To paraphrase a famous call, “Tune in, turn on to the Truth, and drop out of their false paradigm every way you can!”..

..now pass the potatoes and let’s get on with it!

Much love, Zen


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