Squatting in city-owned empty buildings: a Winter Occupy trend?

Thanks to occupywallst.org.

November 11, 2011


DC, other cities, liberate unoccupied buildings for the 99%

Today, Occupy K St./DC took over the empty, city-owned Franklin School. The school was closed several years ago and was initially reopened as a homeless shelter. The city government later closed the shelter, despite widespread public opposition. Next, in blatant disregard of social safety net programs necessary for the very survival of the people who are most directly impacted by economic injustice, announced plans to turn the building either into condos or a hotel for the 1% lobbyists on K St.

Dozens of occupiers entered the building with sleeping bags and announced their intention to stay indefinitely. From the roof, occupiers chanted “We are the 99%!” as others dropped a banner over the school. Meanwhile, hundreds rallied in support outside.

See below for more about the Franklin School occupation, as well as information about other Occupy movements across the world who are claiming for the 99% buildings made vacant by the tyranny of the 1% and corrupt policies that create economic inequality.Read More…


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