Bill Hicks: Let us wake up and choose the illusion we want to play in

On this November 17th Day of Action, when the occupied territories of the global commons are expanding exponentially, when many are afraid, and even more are in love, remember, remember, remember who we are; remember it’s just a ride. Unfortunately, this video wouldn’t load. But do watch it. Slightly over one minute long,”Comedian” Bill Hicks:

I can’t believe that, thanks to Zen Gardner, I just discovered this Bill Hicks! Had no idea of his very existence! (1962-1994). Whew! Where have I been? So amazing, that there can be still holes in my reality which, no doubt, others of my kind filled a long time ago.

Here’s a video trailer from his website,, for the film, The Bill Hicks Story: “He was just completely unique. Like he was from somewhere else.” Amazingly, I could not get this video to load either. Conspiracy? But geez, DO watch it!!

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  1. molly says:

    Ah… he is awesome! Thanks for the links!

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