Auspicious news on this Day of Global Occupy Action

This news, coming on this day of global Occupy action to mark the start of the third month of the Liberty Park encampment in the heart of empire feels both auspicious and a harbinger of events to come.

(Also auspicious, huffpost’s giant headline this afternoon, “IT’S ABOUT TIME:” Nevada Attorney General files first ever criminal charges on bankster robo-signing — unfortunately, indicting mid-level managers rather than those at the top who planned its execution.)

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We the People. No, Really.

by Abby Zimet

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) has introduced to Congress a proposed People’s Rights Amendment, another step in a growing movement for a constitututional amendment to undo the Supreme Court’s appalling Citizens United decision that declared corporations – somehow, but how can it be? – people. 15 senators have already proposed a similar amendment. The grassroots Free Speech for People also has a petition campaign. Robert Reich explains why corporations are in fact not people – though it they were, he notes, it’s sure as hell time for them to start acting vaguely patriotic.

“The Citizens United ruling marks the most extreme extension of a corporate rights doctrine which has eroded our First Amendment and our Constitution. Now is the time for a 28th Amendment that lifts up the promise of American self-government: of, for, and by the people.”

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