Occupy Baltimore: “Mic check! Karl Rove is the architect of Occupy Iraq, of Occupy Afghanistan!”

Stumbling upon this story made me realize how many thousands of actions must be worth reporting from Occupy groups all over the world on a daily basis. Contrast that to spring and early summer of this year, when I was hopefully posting possible upcoming actions, including one from adbusters talking about “occupying wall street” on September 17. But nothing had jelled.

The rare, historic, tense 90° angle between the long-cycled (revolutionary) Uranus and (death/rebirth powerful) Pluto was moving into exactness. It’s relentless deconstruction of the status quo would increase this year and reach full force 2012-2015. I could feel it! Like a background pop and sizzle, a deep, driving, underground rumble. Just like in the late ’60s, when Uranus and Pluto conjuncted for the first time since the Civil War and we broke out of our ’50s shells, grew our hair long, vowed to “do our thing” in peace, love, and protest.

Seeds of enormous civilizational transformation were spawned then. Now, during the first, opening “square” of this outer planet conjunction cycle those seeds must sprout. They must, they must! But where was the revolution? Despite everything, I remained hopeful.

Then, whamo! Come September, and the Occupy movement just sprang, seemingly from nowhere into full, vigorous life! Here’s an example from yesterday of how it continues to proliferate, mycelliac, into all the shadowy corners of our vast corporatist state: the relentless energy and audacity of the 99% must be giving even an old rogue like Rove pause. From thinkprogress.org.

Karl Rove Flips Out At Protesters: ‘Who Gave You The Right To Occupy America?’

November 16, 2011

by Zaid Jilani

Last night, former Bush official Karl Rove appeared at Johns Hopkins University to speak as a part of the annual Milton S. Eisenhower Symposium. Rove soon discovered that he wasn’t going to deliver his right-wing rhetoric unopposed, as a cry of “Mic Check!” rang out among the audience.

“Karl Rove is the architect of Occupy Iraq, the architect of Occupy Afghanistan!” yelled the demonstrators. Occupy Baltimore had infiltrated the crowd and began chanting against Rove. “Who gave you the right to occupy America?” asked Rove to the protesters, apparently unaware of the Bill of Rights. As they repeated their slogan, “We are the 99 percent!” Rove petulantly responded, “No you’re not!” He snidely added, “You wanna keep jumping up and yelling that you’re the 99 percent? How presumptuous and arrogant can you think are!” Watch Occupy Baltimore confront Rove:

About 15 protesters were asked to leave and some were forcibly removed. No one was arrested.

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