Mike Adams: “America is on the verge of being won back . . . or lost forever.”

Interesting that this piece should be published on the day before Zucotti Park was evicted and much of New York transportation shut down to do so. While I think it’s too late for martial law to be imposed (now that the great mass of us are waking up), Adams’ admonition that we must remain non-violent in order to prevail is excruciatingly correct and essential.

Excerpted from naturalnews.com.

Freedom alert: “Occupy” protests may turn violent, followed by reactionary decline into martial law

Monday, November 14, 2011

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) The signs of escalation are unmistakable. In Oakland, Portland, St. Louis, New York, Denver and other cities, local authorities have begun a “crackdown” on Occupy protesters. A woman was raped at Occupy Philadelphia (http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlin…), and BayCitizen.org is now reporting:

“Labor organizers and community activists — including the husband of Mayor Jean Quan — are engaged in a desperate behind-the-scenes effort to prevent a violent showdown between police and protesters at the Occupy Oakland encampment.” (http://www.baycitizen.org/occupy-mo…)

In Oakland, the city issued a cease and desist order for protesters to clear out, and similar declarations are being heard at other cities such as New York. But it’s obvious from the talk and demeanor of the protesters that many aren’t going to leave, no matter what!

While this alone might already be a recipe for violence, there’s the far more concerning reality of undercover agent provocateurs who work for the government and who are hired to stir up violence! We’ve seen this over and over again, where government agents use persuasion engineering tactics to try to convince innocent protesters to throw pipe bombs, for example, or hurl rocks at windows and unleash a wave a violence.

Slouching towards Martial Law

The purpose of all this, of course, is for government to intentionally escalate the violence so it can justify a violent crackdown. This crackdown, in turn, might unleash even more violence as protesters fight back, at which point all the mainstream news media networks focus their cameras on the “bloodied police” (while ignoring the bloodied protesters), all while calling for government to “do something about it!”

That’s how we end up living under martial law, of course. All it takes is one sufficiently hyped-up violent act for a city, state or even the federal government to issue a state of emergency followed by martial law. This is what they’ve been pushing for all along — they just need an excuse to enact it!

Under martial law, all your rights and freedoms are suspended. The Bill of Rights, in other words, is put on hold, and the government could issue a nationwide ban on sales of gold, guns and ammo (among other things). Anyone caught possessing a simple pocket knife could be thrown in the slammer. Anyone caught trading in “contraband” (silver coins) could be arrested at gunpoint and dragged away to be interrogated. This is what’s coming in Amerika if we’re not careful.

Martial law is the ultimate condition of government power, and it can stay in place for years. This is what the government wants — to strip away any remaining rights and powers of the People and concentrate those powers in the hands of the corrupt, fascist state.

Remember: Even in North Korea, government agents don’t reach down your pants at the airport! Amerika has become the most obscene police state North Americans could have imagined, and under the stench of Napolitano, it’s only going to get worse.

A call for peace

In order for “Occupy” to achieve its aims, it must remain non-violent. Descent into violence would be an utter failure, and it would give the government the excuse it needs to end all Occupy protests and turn Amerika into a runaway police state nation.

That’s why Occupy protesters must resist violence at every turn. They must resist bloodshed and even be willing to be bloodied themselves without striking back. This is the essence of peaceful protest against tyrannical empires. The “success” of such protests would be the national publicizing of government agents beating innocent non-violent protesters who don’t fight back. The emotional power of such imagery would turn the entire nation against the government and would rally millions more to join the cause.

But the opposite is also true: If protesters become violent and begin shooting at police or striking back at them, the totally corrupt and morally inept mainstream media will, of course, just focus on acts of violence by the protesters and use that to push a national crackdown agenda.

. . . .

America is on the verge of being won back… or lost forever… depending on which way this all goes. But violence will only lead to more government tyranny. Only peace can bring us out of this police state nightmare and move us toward the non-violent revolution that will be necessary to restore liberty and justice in America.

Keep the peace, folks. It is the only way out of this mess.

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