Ben Fulford’s view of what’s going on behind the scenes now

I didn’t post Ben’s missive last week, but this week I will. Not because I “believe” what he says. I have no idea, zilch, about the specifics of what to believe in this labyrinthian area where politics, economics, deep dark secrets and global, ghastly crime and war cross-fertilize like a supporating boil upon planet Earth. Yet I do publish his weekly reports once in a while because I sense that something very very powerful is going on behind the scenes that mirrors and supports the extraordinary regenerative, proliferating power of our decision to Occupy earth. No matter how many times the militarized police shut down Occupy encampments in cities across the land (I just read about Oakland early this morning, Portland last night), Occupy springs back stronger than before, delivering more and more public land and psychic space to the commons. Each time “the authorities” pounce, they spawn a bigger batch of 99%’ers waking up to who they, we, really are. And I do think that the edge between the police and the protestors, so long as we stay peaceful, is bound to fray. Sooner or later, we will fall into each other’s arms.

BTW: Notice the tension between centralized solutions (as assumed in this article) and the decentralized, relocalization movement that has been gathering steam for the last few years, especially in the area of local food. State banks, community credit unions, and, even retail stores are beginning to come into the spotlight as well. Obviously, there needs to be some kind of balance between large and small, centralization and decentralization. But what, really, is necessarily centralized? What can we not do on our own? Far-flung transportation and communications, yes; but what else? Even “money” can be dispensed with, as we are discovering in our experiments with old-fashioned systems of barter, trade, exchange, and even better yet, sheer generosity of spirit, sharing.

Ben Fulford, 11-14-11: The Cabalists Struggle in Vain to Stop the New Financial System

November 14, 2011

by Benjamin Fulford

Despite seeming bad news on several fronts last week, insiders assure us that plans for a new financial system are going ahead on all fronts. Instead of perpetual war and genocide on behalf of an inbred elite, the people of the planet are choosing to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and push for a new life-centered scientific and technical revolution. Major assistance emerged as a 59-nation group claiming to represent the Red Dragon Society or Maiona, offered its support to the new system. The Red Dragon is headed by Admiral Heemi Hau, Paramount Chief of the NGAPUHI in New Zealand and links 59 countries plus 2700 tribes mostly in the South Pacific Region. They back their words with treaties with the British Empire going back to the 1700’s as well as older treaties going back to 804 CE.

This is yet another step in the unstoppable global awakening that will forever take control of the planet out of the hands of the gangsters who have been terrifying us for so long.

Here is a part of what the Maiona group proposes:

Our objective is to overcome scarcity and provide for the needs of all the world’s people through the creation of a sustainable, living, vibrant civilization that will eliminate all wars, fears, poverty and hunger.

Resources will be assessed globally that we may cover the needs of the total populations requirement for housing, food, water, health, transport, education and recreation, and will also be co-ordinated in with the needs of other species that make up the web of life on the planet.

Sources of energy will be explored and developed, but not be limited to, wind, ocean tides, currents, temperature differentials, falling water, geothermal, electrostatic, hydrogen, algae, biomass, gravity, bacteria, phase transformation, thermionics, magnification and fusion energy.

Cities can be constructed circular, linear, underground, floating or underwater, but will all be built utilizing better resource and construction techniques. These cities would all have the ability to supply their own nutritional requirements, giving independence and sustainability.

Geometrically elegant arrangements, parks, gardens, reefs all designed to operate with efficient uses of energy and resource that co-exist with their natural surroundings. Design and development must work in with the environment providing clean air, water, food, health, nutrition, entertainment, accessibility, care and education.

That is the sort of thinking that the gangsters who took over the global financial system have proven themselves to be incapable of. They talk instead of never ending “wars on terror,” and “homeland security,” and “threat levels,” while pouring all of the planets free resources either into a massive military-industrial murder machine or a decadent lifestyle for a tiny elite.

These gangsters, for their part, made a big push last week in an effort to make it seem they were still in charge. In Europe they placed cabal flunkies in power in Greece and Italy after threatening the previous democratically elected leaders into resigning. This show of force, however, is still not backed by any show of money. The Rotschild/Rockefeller cabalists remain bankrupt and any attempts at asserting control in Europe will fail. In fact, the Greeks have contacted the White Dragon Society to inform them they will pretend to go along with the cabalists in order to get a new hit of paper money but that when the time comes to pay back, they will, as the Irish did, demand proof the bankers had a legal right to lend that “money,” in the first place.

In Japan as well, there were signs that all was not well. J. Rockefeller, one of the masterminds of the Tsunami, earthquake and nuclear attacks against Japan was spotted making a tour of the disaster zone and promising “assistance.” At the same time, the monster-toad Henry Kissinger was paraded on Japanese TV on November 11th, talking to Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda. However, Noda lived up to his name, which means “does not give,” in Spanish and Kissinger and Rockefeller left Japan empty handed.

IMF Director Christine Lagarde also returned empty-handed from her week long begging tour of Russia, China and Japan. No doubt had it explained to her that the 1.1 billion people who did not have enough food to eat were a greater priority than underfunded pensions for prematurely retired Europeans.

While here, Kissinger also tried to hire gangsters to kill this writer but found no takers, according to Japanese underground sources. Now that his fraudulent mirror account trading platforms have been shut down it would seem his funny money is no longer accepted by the underworld here.

In other news, an informant approached this writer last week with new details about the 1995 incident in which the Aum Shinrikyo sect released poison gas in the Tokyo subway system. The informant claims she was kidnapped, drugged, raped and tortured into becoming a MK-ultra type agent for North Korean gangsters. She said the North Koreans were taking orders from Jewish Al-Qaeda type agents. The entire subway incident was engineered to “terrorize the Japanese,” she claims. The informant provided this writer with specific names and contact information for the gangsters involved. According to her and other sources, these same gangsters had foreknowledge of the March 11, 2011 tsunami, earthquake and nuclear attacks on Japan. The White Dragon Society is contacting these gangsters to try to see if they will be willing to testify about 311 and the Aum incident in exchange for immunity.

Needless to say the Japanese security police have also been informed.

However, according to sources among both the yakuza and Japanese military intelligence, senior members of the Japanese police forces have also been working for the cabal and have been bribed and blackmailed in the past so it is unlikely we will see any official police action on 311 just yet. Nonetheless, the Japanese police/military/gangster nexus is now refusing to accept new assignments from the cabalists. Most are sitting on the fence and waiting to see how the battle for control of the global financial system turns out.

On that front, the only thing that is certain is that the old system is mathematically doomed. The criminal cabal in Wall Street, the Vatican, Washington D.C. and the London “City” financial district know their time is up but they remain arrogant, stubborn and dangerous.

Nonetheless, over 107 countries have agreed to the new financial system discussed in Monaco in August. In addition, the 59-nation Red Dragon group is also working with the White Dragon. That means at least 166 nations now support the new system. The global human awakening will not be stopped.

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  1. Joan says:

    Ann – I love these lines. May it be so.

    “And I do think that the edge between the police and the protestors, so long as we stay peaceful, is bound to fray. Sooner or later, we will fall into each other’s arms.”

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