Department of Homeland Security to “hire” (read: buy off) returning vets?

Am I the only one who finds this news alarming? Just when Vets are beginning to recognize their common cause with the rest of the 99%, they are to be bought off by the DHS? Just the name of this gestapo organization makes me puke. Whose “homeland,” when millions of people are homeless? What “Security,” when TSA agents force us to choose between sexual molestation and radiation?

Re: the Vets who might be tempted to work for the expanding octopus arms of this despicable “department,” I totally understand. They’ve lost years of their lives, an enormous number of them suffer from PTSD or physical war wounds, many have not just themselves but families with children to support, and their unemployment rate is even more dismal than that of the rest of the increasingly destitute multitude of Americans who can no longer “find work.”

Who among us is not susceptible to succumbing to “whatever it takes to keep food on the table”?

Who among us has not had that phrase drummed into us since we were children: “money is the bottom line.”

The point is, we need to remember what we’re doing as we re-occupy our full selves. We are creating a new world, not a “new world order” but a new/old restoration of the way the natural world really works, and we need to occupy that world, plunking ourselves down here, right here, on the ground, learning from nature through “biomimicry,” observing and experimenting and cooperating with natural systems and their constant interlacing, regenerating flows, everything cast off by one species picked up by another — and all without the use of artificial “money” to keep it going.

Money, for those who live in communion with each other and the natural world, is simply not necessary. Nobody should have to “work” (as a wage slave) just to “make ends meet.” The ends meet everywhere, all natural systems are circular, spiralling, and deeply, authentically abundant. There’s plenty for everybody. Permaculture, and other bio-intensive systems can feed the world. Homes can be like beehives, housing entire communities, energy can be generated in many ways, none of them involving the depletion of finite resources. Pay attention to the many ways in which low-tech, intensely engaging and creative thrival, not just survival, is being demonstrated in what is increasingly being called the “occupied territories.”

Frankly, I hope that yesterday’s news that creamained body parts of their fellow soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan were routinely dumped in a landfill might give returning vets pause before they swallow hard and join the federal government’s beefed-up internal army to squash the 99%.

November 9, 2011
Kimberly Dvorak, San Diego County Political Buzz Examiner

<a class=”wpGallery mceItem” title=”gallery2″ href=”” rel=”prettyPhotoDHS set to employ 50,000 returning military veterans by 2012

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) new mission, according to Secretary Janet Napolitano, is to have 50,000 veterans employed at the agency by the end of 2012.Secretary Napolitano…

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  1. There appears to be a strong political move within the Obama Administration to influence the attitudes of returning vets from the moment they step off the plane back in the USA. Last night it was reported on CNBS that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was personally greeting returning vets at the tarmac as they stepped off the airplane and telling them face to face his policies were geared toward growth…. presumably in the private sector. A Fed Chairman taking this political like measures seem to be a precedent setting act hard to contextualize. As nice a gesture that is, why would he be doing it? Personal therapy to mitigate a damaged psyche that may be in the dumps with the job market? Is the story even true?

  2. Doh! I meant CNBC not CNBS

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