Blessings to all on 11.11.11

I’m going to disconnect from the internet and computer world tomorrow. Will spend the day in various forms of meditation and otherwise outside, in the garden, and in the woods.

Blessings to all!



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  1. U ALL A FOTONIC 11/11 STARGATE,DEAR ANN, THANK YOU —– WE WILL BE AT AVALON ASHRAM IN THE COUNTRY,—— MEDITATING, EATIN G FOTONIC FOOD, DANCING, SINGING, LIGHTENING THE FIRE,- SACRED,— WITH LOVE JOY ND LAUGHTER,– HARMONY AND BLESSINGS TO OUR MOTHER GAIA ,–dear ann, TO YOU AND ALL rainbow spirits, + lightlbearers, ambassadors of light/peace we wish yoU all a fotonic 11/11 stargate. aNd we will also be disconnected tonight nd tomoRROW be blessed with CLEAR LIGHT ALL NOV. 2011

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