Scheduled for 11.9.11: FEMA/FCC “national alert exercise,” asteroid “near miss,” all during day Neptune turns to go direct

Clouds of Neptune

Ever heard of the idea that the unconscious does not understand the word “no”? In other words, the way the unconscious receives the phrase, “Don’t worry,” is the opposite, “Worry!” As in this headline from yesterday’s

Don’t Panic! FEMA Urges Americans Not To Worry As National Alert System Is Tested

The “test” to start at 2 p.m. EST., and last “up to three and a half minutes,” during which all radio and television communications will be severed, courtesy FEMA and the FCC. (How about internet communications? Is that included? If not, it’s hardly a test. We rarely bother with radio and television anymore.)

Okay . . . so . . . do you, like me, find it exceedingly odd that FEMA decided to conduct its first ever national alert of this kind on 11.9.11, a day which echoes eerily of 9.11??? And, do you, like me, suspect that that date was deliberately and diabolically chosen (by whom? Who knows?), back in 2001 to echo eerily with “911,” the numbers little children are taught to punch on the phone in case of emergency?

Oh, and BTW, 11.9.11, today, this very day was also chosen for a 30-nation tsunami alert exercise.

As an astrologer who has included not just Earth, but our entire solar system in my perspective for the past 40 years, I find these kind of mega-scenarios all very fascinating. Especially, since these two national and international exercises (ultimately, to test aspects of martial law?) both occur on a day when 1300 square foot hunk of space rock HU-55 supposedly narrowly missed hitting earth sometime last night. Have you noticed how, over and over again, especially this year, we are being asked (by whom? the galactics?) to retrain our psyches to break from the narrow obsessive focus on competing-with-others-for-“money”-to-buy-or-move-or-hoard-scarce-goods-and-resources to the mysterious, infinite cosmos through which Earth floats while slowly, steadily spinning, irrespective of who we think we are or hope to be or are disappointed that we aren’t?

How many asteroids and other weird space objects have been cited this year as just about to get us? How many more will? When, oh when, we will let go of being afraid of our multidimensional cosmic home, filled with love and light, teeming with life and abundance?

And, again as an astrologer, I find the events of this date significant because they happen to fall on the once per year date that Neptune “turns to go direct,” this time at 28° Aquarius. From talkingskyastrology:

“On June 2nd , Neptune having just barely begun its 14 year journey in the sign of Pisces will go retrograde and take its last dip into Aquarius this time around, giving us all a bit more of Neptune’s lyrical whispers guiding and opening us to our own authenticity and genius.

“Neptune retrograde will leave Pisces and move back into the sign of Aquarius August 5th until November 9th2011 when Neptune will go direct traveling back through the last degrees of Aquarius and on February 3, 2012 finally begin its long mystical journey through its natural sign Pisces, urging us individually and collectively to open ourselves up to love, compassion, creativity, divine connection to each other, and Source, GOD, Universe…whatever name you give it.”

Wake up, it’s time! Wake up to our own very unique, personal self-expression (Neptune in Aquarius) and join with others, each equally unique and self-expressive (Neptune in Aquarius). Occupy ourselves. Move forward together. Prepare for 11.11.11, and whatever meditation you will conduct that day, either individually or as a group. (See the many posts on this site and even more on about 11.11.11).

Behold! We are a band of angels twirling, swirling, an infectious, joyous “murmuration,” we are the noosphere, fueling a tsunami of love, sweeping through the universe.

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