Once again, time to expand perspective . . .

In case you haven’t watched the famous Hubble video of two years ago, which has had millions of views already, do.

And that’s only the third-dimensional refraction of this all encompassing mystery that breathes through us . . .

Think multidimensionally, interdimensionally, imagine a fractal field of infinities in all directions, inside and out. Pop! goes the closed trap shutter of the mind.

Open to space. Open to spaciousness. Open to the Love that enlivens and fuels the only being, the spirit of guidance.

Let go, let go, let go.

Let love place you gently —

in the center of the expanding universe —

which has no circumference —

where you already are.

And if the universe has no circumference, then the center is everywhere. Each of us stands in the exact center of the universe. Each of us is an infinitely precious, one and only, utterly connected and exquisitely beautiful, sacred child of the original divine.

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