Occupy Atlanta massages its edge with the police

Okay, with this action a crucial edge starts to decidedly fuzz . . . Yes!

For permaculture’s view of “edges” and how they relate to the Occupy movement, see this and this. The Occupy movement has been steadily eroding the edge between their (principled) encampments and the (destitute) homeless, who live there, too. The edge between the police and the occupiers, as well as that between the police and the military vets who protect the occupiers, are, however still very very dynamic. As of course, is the cliff edge between the 99% and the beleagered 1%, who, by this time, must be scared enough to consider running, like lemmings, off that same cliff only to fall — though they don’t know it, they have no idea — into our waiting arms.

Occupy Atlanta Encamps In Neighborhood To Save Police Officer’s Home From Foreclosure

By Zaid Jilani on Nov 8, 2011 at 11:30 am

Occupy Atlanta has repeatedly run into hurdles, as it has been evicted from Woodruff Park in Atlanta multiple times by the city’s unsympathetic mayor, Kasim Reed. Yet the group was invigorated yesterday as it moved to a new location to take action for economic justice.

Last week, Tawanna Rorey’s husband, a police officer based in Gwinnett County, e-mailed Occupy Atlanta to explain that his home was going to be foreclosed on and his family was in danger of being evicted on Monday. So within a few hours Occupy Atlanta developed an action plan to move to Snellville, Georgia on Monday to stop the foreclosure. At least two dozen protesters encamped on the family’s lawn, to the applause of neighbors and bystanders:

Nearly two dozen protesters assembled Monday afternoon at Tawanna Rorey’s four-bedroom home in a neighborhood just south of Snellville, clogging the narrow, winding street that runs in front of the house with cars, vans and TV trucks. Many neighbors stopped to gawk at the spectacle and even honked their car horns in support of the crowd. […] [The protesters] set up two tents in the front yard, draped a “This Home is Occupied” sign over the porch railing and handed out bottled water and granola bars to other members.

A local CBS station filed a report about the new occupation. Watch it:

The Sheriff’s Department did not come to evict the Roreys that day. A spokesman for the department told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the foreclosure process is still ongoing and that it has not scheduled an eviction. “It’s a good cause,” said Diona Murray, one of the Roreys’ neighbors, about the occupation. “If we don’t take a stand, who will?

A.K. again, back to how the 1% must feel as this basic edge between the police and the occupiers begins to erode and the foot soldiers of the 1%, these pawns in the global chess game, begin to take themselves off the board . . . here’s our very own Roy Orbison, “Running Scared.”

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