My dear friend and astrologer Lyn Dalebout, on 11.11.11, “democcupy” — and more

November 8, 2011.

We are all One: 11*11*11

Thanks to Jackson Hole photographer Timothy C. Mayo

This is cool: If you add the last two digits of the year you were born in to the age you are now in 2011 it will add up to 111. This is true for everyone born on planet Earth. The numerology for all of us this year is 111. Quite astounding really. As my sister Jan said with her characteristic enthusiasm “How wonderful! We are all ONE.” Thank you Tina Seay for alerting me to this miracle of math happening concurrently with the arrival 11*11*11.

ONE is obviously about new beginnings. ONE always initiates a new cycle. I like to think that literally/metaphorically all the combos of ONES this year have been initiating progressive new beginnings for each of us/all of us. 1/1/11~1/11/11~10/1/11~10/11/11~11/1/11~11/10/11.

Perhaps all these initiations have been building toward the crescendo of 11*11*11.

I think of 11*11*11 as a cosmic reset button. You know how you reset your odometer to zero when you fill up your gas tank? Ground zero, or may Ground ONE. It’s cool to think it might be true.

We are starting over after all our releases~our losses. Beginning anew out of all our completions. In Jin Shin Jyutsu, a Japanese energy healing system I have been a student of, ONE is called Prime Mover. It is all about moving forward with your full power. It is about giving all you can so you can receive. Surely we have all been giving our best~working overtime~this year and we will now receive great benefit as we head into 2012. Giving~Receiving~In breathe~Out breathe~the shared atmosphere that breathes/sustains us all. We are all ONE. May we remember/inhabit that shared truth.

Democcupy. Definition: To fully occupy our democracy. I just created that word as I observe the budding revolution of what was initially called Occupy Wall Street.

Democcupy. I have been prone to make up words since I first created my secret language called Jetta in which I used the alphabet in a backward manner. Z was A ~Y was B ~etc. I was young. I assumed no one would figure it out. I have always loved to recreate language~and culture~and encourage my students to do so as well. We are cultural creatives all.

Interesting that another name for the Occupy Wall Street movement is the 99% percent. All but ONE% are included in this movement.

I may piss off some of my more liberal friends but that won’t work. We are all ONE as in 100%.

That doesn’t mean everyone gets that yet, especially the ONE%, but they will and SOON. ONE%, we are all ONE.

That may piss off some of my more conservative friends.

Oh well. No biggie as I feel/know we are all ONE.

Revolutions are good.

Let’s all get to work on recognizing our ONENESS.

Let’s be honest. Don’t we all want to fully occupy our democracy, each in our own way?

Interesting too to note one definition of democracy: the absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges.

That’s really what the 99% movement is about. No need to fear it. People keep asking “what’s this movement all about?”

Simply put: we all want to equally occupy our democracy. And be cultural creatives in making it so.

And we can make it so.

Steve Jobs~co-founder of Apple was one of the greatest cultural creatives to walk the Earth. I honor him in this post. He co-created the technological keys to expand democracy and so empower each citizen of our beloved planet Earth.

In astrology we say timing is everything. Because it turns out, it is! I find it a stunning synchronicity that his earthly departure coincides with the end of this very long cycle of so much separation just before the new wave of innovation/revolution/oneness arrives. Such sadness in his passing as it seems he is still so needed to keep us moving forward in reinventing the possibilities of our humanity.

He was the fiercest advocate of individuality/originality of all humans. He lived it by personal example and encouraged the younger generations to BE YOURSELF. No more important message. No slaves, creators all. BE YOURSELF. Create from what art/creativity guides you. You are unique. No ONE is like you. BE YOURSELF.

Steve Jobs was/remains a true visionary aware of his mission assignment: to awaken us to our own power. To connect all of humanity to each other and to do that with ART and BEAUTY~so central to his vision.

He laid the groundwork.

Now it is up to us to DEMOCCUPY.

ONE is the number of Self. ONE symbolizes the power of the individual as the root source for all change and creativity. BE YOURSELF.

Yes we unite in community. But community is made up of individuals hopefully connected to their unique individual vision and power. BE YOURSELF.

ONE as in individual.

ONE as in the unity of our ONENESS.

A lovely paradox as is the way of the Universal Mystery.


Joy to you**

Lyn Dalebout

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