OWS withdrawing from fossil fuel addiction

The “slaves” are smarter than the “masters.” They’ve got to be: quick, nimble, adapting to changing conditions. This is guerilla action: each time something is taken away, the movement deepens, differentiates, expands — and demonstrates, once again, authentic groundswell democracy in action. I just donated to help them get $11,000 to power eight bikes, the number they need to power the entire camp. Please join me. Thanks to www.care2.com.

Occupy Wall Street Builds Bike-Powered Generators [Video]

November 1, 2011


Occupy Wall Street Builds Bike-Powered Generators [Video]
Although the mainstream media has treated Occupy Wall Street like a carnival side show, images and firsthand reports of what’s really happening on Liberty Square have been flowing onto the internet for more than 45 days.

Why? Because some very resourceful individuals brought generators to the party. But last week, the City of New York confiscated those generators in yet another attempt to dampen the protesters’ spirits (they’re not fast learners).

Instead of feeling discouraged, Time’s Up! in conjunction with OWS Sustainable Working Group, are building energy-generating bikes to replace all the generators that were confiscated. They currently have one pedal-powered generator up and running, but are looking for help to build 11 more and power the whole park!

See the bike generator in action below:

Currently Occupy Wall Street has received funding for 5 bikes but need at least 6 more, and any donations above that will be used to build more energy bikes which will be sent to other occupations. If you want to help make the movement more sustainable, go to times-up.org and push the donate button.

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