Giant cigar-shaped UFO over NYC yesterday, 11.1.11

Plenty of “firsts” in that date, 11.1.11 . . . Is this real? Sure looks like it. Wonder what the analysts will have to say. Thanks to Joan.

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  1. isis2012 says:

    Most any ship of ancient cigar design are of the reptilian species .. we are on the Ancient Annunakian mantled rock .. in a Mother Earth Matrix prepared for the species of humans …

    The “true” Anunnaki are known as the righteous sun-god species of reptilians … they are kindred with the “true” Positive Light alliance of the human star colonies … these and their true kindred’s are the true heirs to this heliosphere and the earth/core’s associated 7 sister star constellation …

    This region of space have long since been infiltrated by both the sinister celestial reptilians and the satanic celestial humans .. they and their allies have first been requested to leave …

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