Boulder Colorado to vote on municipal home rule for electricity

Bloomington, Indiana, where I live, is constantly battling state and federal jurisdictions and attitudes that violate the values of the majority of those who live here. Transportation issues have been especially prevalent these past few years. Early this spring we lost a battle to not widen “the Bypass;” now we’re in the final stages of opposing the section of I-69 planned to ram through here on its route from Evansville to Indianapolis. We’ve been told that if this section of I-69 is not allowed, then we will lose funding for any other transportation need. Not sure whether that’s bribery or blackmail or both. Myself, I’m all for driving slowly on potholed roads and gravel, even dirt, if necessary.

As we continue to recreate and redeem the world by re-localizating and decentralizing, I resonate deeply with Boulder’s attempt to control its own electricity. Unfortunately, it’s not an article that can be reposted. So here’s the link. Thanks to

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