Everett Tucker, of Mystic Politics: brilliant, insightful (inciteful) news commentary

In this video, Tucker, who looks very young and innocent and soulful, talks about the U.S. “leaving” Iraq (joke joke) and the mushrooming, hydra-headed, too big to fail or jail National Security State inside which black ops career bureaucrats inertial energy vastly outstrips so-called presidential “power.” As he says, who controls the predator drones? Certainly not the president. Also a great mention of how in the recent past Jon Stewart seems to have sold his soul, and states that we have a greater chance of being hit by lightning than being killed by a terrorist. So why isn’t the National Security State trying to protect us from lightning??! Thanks to planetwaves.org.

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    I’d respectfully add to Everett Tucker’s list of concerns, much of which I share with him. In particular our new head of the CIA, Gen. Petraeus.

    My wild unsubstantiated guess is Gen. Petraeus’s greatness is not yet publicly known. His “moment of choice” (White Hats versus Black Hats) professionally I think may have occurred during the Colorado and East Coast strange “P-Pulse” Richter Scale earthquakes that leave geologists around the globe scratching their heads from the graph readings. Earth Quake Richter Scale Patterns: http://divinecosmos.com/podcasts/Wilcock_Fulford_2011-9-14.mp3

    I think this publicly quiet leader, is turning out to be “The” white hat that suffers knowing great truth and opts to quietly serve the forces of good, fearlessly and humbly. I could be wrong, but P-Pulse waves are un-ignorable evidence of a lot of power released in a massive near instant slam of energy natural quakes just do not make. Forces of good are defined as freedom, liberty, and democracy in my simple book …. Others might call it the forces of the Light.

    So I’m feeling a momentary joy in hopes this positive energy elevates all who sense the same channel are compelled to send it on.


  2. Thanks for sharing this. I am new to the video blogs and haven’t quite found my voice yet. 🙂

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