Shut the (so-called “civilized”) world down: Occupy yourself, October 28th

Speaking about occupying our own edges, how about the idea of occupying ourselves fully, for one day, shutting out all electronic and other distractions, and see what happens. I saw two articles on this just yesterday; one of them, Eric Stoner, looked at the Greeks who are right now shutting their country down for 48 hours, and offers the following reflection (excerpted; thanks to theindypendent):

“As I watch the Greeks give everything they’ve got to stop this legislation from going through, I couldn’t help but wonder why protests in the US haven’t attempted a general strike, which is one of the most powerful nonviolent tactics.

“While there were citywide general strikes during the Great Depression, like the1934 general strike that shut down San Francisco for four days, a true nationwide general strike to my knowledge has never been either attempted or successful in this country.

“Yes, the United States is a much larger country both geographically and numerically, which would make organizing such an action more challenging, but if Greece can pull it off, why can’t we?

“If the Occupy Wall Street movement is eventually to put the kind of pressure on the government and corporate power to truly address the structural problems with our economic and political systems, a serious nationwide general strike that clearly demonstrates who actually makes this country tick may be called for.”

The second article ties this idea to a definite date, and makes it global. Interesting that October 28, 2011 was chosen. Why? Does it link to (Calleman’s version of) the end of the Mayan Calendar? That would be a perfect way to show ourselves just what lies underneath all the stuff we have created to keep us preoccupied, rather than occupied.

Call in sick. Turn off electricity. Do absolutely nothing that moves money through the system. And do it together, October 28, when (perhaps) the new 144,000 year Mayan calendric cycle begins. A world-wide ceremonial new beginning. No longer (each of us) alone. All one.

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